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It has been a long time since my last submission. Hope you guys like it~ :)

Sorry for the cliff hanger... Vol 2 will have an action packed showdown~

EDIT 10/22: Front page, nioce~ :D


awesome work!

slick style and great pacing! - - i would love to see some voice work added in! plenty of amazing talent on the site!

keep it up

Quasimodoxxx responds:


Lots of talented people here indeed.

Well done!

This animation is very cool. The character designs are superb, camera shots are good, and the action scenes are very cool. The scene with the gun and the rope was one of the coolest action scenes I've seen.
I only thing I would say is that the use of minimum shading isn't my favorite. You have a good art style, but i personally prefer more shading in the characters. \i find without the shading, there is a tendency for the animation to look amateur. Thats just me though.

Quasimodoxxx responds:


I agree with your opinion, it would looks much better with additional shading, but instead, I spent my time and focus on drawing enough frames for more smooth animation... It's kind of quality vs quantity... you know.


I loved the design and the animations altough the art itself could be a litle more detaild its to generic, newertheless you have a 5/5. Good job

Quasimodoxxx responds:

Thank you.

Yes, it can be more detailed if more time is spent, but I kind of wanted to get it done before I lose my patience and interest. It's the common barrier many animators have to face...


When the first cop-robot-like (or whatever it is) appeared and I saw just a big blue leg I thought: "Megaman? o.o"

Love the animation, it's concept, art, the "droid-cops" and the "gun-line" fight style. =)
(and sorry for bad english, it's not my first language)

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Quasimodoxxx responds:

Thank you for the nice words.

(English is not my first language either, but I think your English is fine~ :D )

It gets better

This cartoon doesn't start out that strongly, but it does get a lot better. Let me say that the thing he did with the gun was one of the coolest things I have seen in awhile. You probably should brush up on animation skills. It's just that it does look a bit dated. I still have to recommend this because it truly does have a lot of original ideas that are performed well. I'm not familiar with this character, so I had no idea he was going to be that cool.

When he shot the last guy I couldn't help but say, "Goodbye" out loud. It's going to get even more interesting with the giant robot appearing. It's great having no idea where this series is going. It's the highest rated thing on the portal now, so I see it going places. The music was also good and set up the nice action tone.

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Quasimodoxxx responds:

Thanks for the detailed review.

The character is basically the same guy from my last animation "SNAP SHOT" on NewGrounds, but I modified his appearance just a little since there were a lot of people think he looks like the main character from a famous anime master piece... (I personally don't see the resemblance though... ) Anyway, more plot will be revealed in the next episode... To be continued! :)

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4.34 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2011
5:41 PM EDT