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It has been a long time since my last submission. Hope you guys like it~ :)

Sorry for the cliff hanger... Vol 2 will have an action packed showdown~

EDIT 10/22: Front page, nioce~ :D


Prepare for the Ultimate Review!!!!

Animation (3.5) - The animation is pretty decent. I like the animation for the gun. The reason I say it is decent is because I didn't see a lot of animation, but the animation that I did see was pretty good. The foot soldier animation, of them running was very well done, but it lacked in detail. Some of the action scenes wasn't dynamic enough. For example, the scene where he throws his gun and he shoots them in the head. For such a cool idea and cool scene, it lacked in Umph! Also in the scene where the foot soldier kicked down the down on to the rooftop and starts shooting at him; more after effects is needed for that scene, Make the bullets kick up more debris, or have the bullets bounce and ricochet. I know smoke is difficult to animate, but I think you should work on animating smoke. The Tweening and transformation of the smoke didn't do your work justice.
Sound (4) - The sound was okay. I like the music choice, and you synchronization is pretty good. The problem I have is the choice of sound effects you use. They sound a bit generic.

Art and design (3.5) - The artwork is pretty good, and the design of the main character is also pretty good. The problem I have with the Design is the soldiers seem a little bland. For example, the soldiers have these huge guns that shoots out bullets like it is an Uzi. I wish you put more detail into the world to bring out your world even more. Your setting is a bit generic, and I think you should give your setting and background more character as well. In story design, everything has character; if the background. For the foot soldiers, I think they can have a bit more work. Give them characteristics. Are they agile, brutes, super intellect, hive-minded?

Camera Work (2.5) - You did an excellent job with panning. to give that sense of depth. Keep that! But you did not have enough dynamic shots to give the story more umph! Some cases I was impressed by the shots you have taken, like the roof jump to swing... then it left a bad taste on the "roll on the roof." I think the rool on the roof would have been excellent if that was a "Worms Eye view over the shoulder shot, so that the story would automatically lead into the foot soldier kicking the door down; getting both the Main character and the Foot soldier in one shot.

Story telling (1.5) - Although you have a great piece. The story is lacking. I have no idea who this guy is. I have no idea as to why he is on a roof looking at a picture of what I think is his family. I have no idea as to why he is being chased. I don't know his personality or his demeanor. Hell! I don't know what his name is. There is also a bit of pointless actions, like why is he throwing up his jacket? What tactical advantage is he trying to gain with just throwing up his jacket. Why is there only two bullet holes out of the hundreds fired from the foot soldiers weapon. That jacket should be shredded. There has to be more. The character seems a bit one dimensional. The Foot soldiers are also one dimensional. Make me feel something for the foot soldiers. I should be afraid of them, but they seem more like punching bags for the character.

Overall (3.5) - This story has great potential. I am looking forward to more animations. Great action piece, but it needs more story telling.

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Quasimodoxxx responds:

Thank you for the detailed and honest review. I agree with pretty much everything you pointed out. I am aware there are lots of room for improvement, but I couldn't delivery due to my limited knowledge on animation at the time, as well as the time would cost me to do so... Well, I appreciate your time to write this and give me your thoughts, please check out the 2nd part of Snapshot and let me know what you think.

Reminds me of the top ranking submissions made between 2000-2003.

I have to agree with GuitarmasterX7, Sam, David, Ericho, Hulalaoo, and the other reviewers on this movie. Plus, this really shows that you and your brother know your shit when it comes down to making a great movie. However, if you do continue this, I would like an actual story to go along with this. That and I've seen this several times before, but finally got to write about it.

Animation: I could say that this is great, but that would be too trite. The animation is well-drawn and moves excellently considering that you had to use the line tool with your mouse. (Assuming that you don't have a tablet) Plus, you did a great job on the backgrounds and the Flash 3D effect was really crafty. However, when we cut to the part where we see the soldiers' legs, the animation in that segment looked sloppy. On the other hand, that's nothing to get worried about.
Sound: The music that was used in this shows that you have the ear of a director. Balderdact's Chaser fit the entire movie perfectly, and clever use of Circle as the credits theme. As an added bonus, you also did a great job on the sound effects considering that most free sound effects suck. However, for future episodes, consider getting more Audio Portal music. (Examples: Bosa, Waterflame, Xarnor, xenith800, A-n-d-Y-J, Papkee, and Dythen)
Content: As said before, you and your brother have direction skills that are definitely praiseworthy. The pacing is excellent, your choice of angles was well-planned, and the story was neat albeit trite. Also worth noting is the tethered gun, which is a sign of well-executed creativity in my book. Kudos for being one of those people who did the plot on a storyboard rather than a script. Something this action-packed just can't be scripted. The only other minor flaw is that there isn't much of a story, but hopefully that will be explained in future installments.

What's good:
-Great animation
-Excellent audio
-Magnificent direction

What's left to be desired:
-The plot

Overall: Here's a ten from me and I look forward to the next episode. (5/5)

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Quasimodoxxx responds:

Thank you very much for taking time to write the review and your kind words. The story will be told entirely in the next episode, I promise. I will look into the music artists you suggested, thanks!

I have a really cool idea for the name of the main character. His method of snapping to shoot the gun is called "snapshot" right? What if on bounty posters and stuff, they call him "The Photographer". Good idea? (By the way, this is an awesome animation series so far. Keep up the great work!)

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Quasimodoxxx responds:

Hmm... "The Photographer"... not bad... not bad at all~ I like how you take the play on words to another level. I like it~! :-)

Yo guy this was awesome! Totally inspired now, props!


really cool gun rope thing.
the ending music reminds me of Afro samurai!

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