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Game Complete 50 Points

Complete all levels.

Author Comments

This game is my first developed using Stencyl.

Thrust - Up Arrow or W
To Turn - Left/Right Arrows or A/D
Mute - M
Pause - P

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There was a man born without outer ears. Despite that, he could actually hear - his inner ear was okay. He went to the army and became the top sharpshooter/marksman. Never missed a single shot.

He was interviewed someday and they asked him how could he done such a thing without ears. He gladly answered the lack of ears is precisely what made him the best sniper in the army:

-If I lacked good sight as a child, I would certainly have trouble finding a pair of glasses to fix that.

This story sums up my opinion on this game and why I gave it a 3 - I hope the developer can understand the message.

Simple and fun

High score rank #2 :)

I liked it! Nice challenge with the slow borders. IF you're inclined to do a second one(or maybe you did already...):
- temporary upgrades for a level?
- more graphics?
- snow borders(no turning)?
- ...
Thx for a nice little game!

This is a nice, little spaceship game. It feels like a mini game. Good work for your first game. The medal works, I earned it. Will there be a sequel?

Rob1221 responds:

Yay first comment in 7 months :p I've thought about making something like this again, but I don't think it will be anytime soon.

yeah it works

As stated before it is simple game, the levels have their own challenge, but as an overall challenge it ranks around mid-level. I enjoyed the game as much as I played, and difficulty does increase as you advance. This sort of game, as said before needs to have some sort of score system, yes there is a time limit and i suppose one could try to beat old times that s if one remembers the time for each level. It would, however be easier to remember an overall score, and try to get better by competing the levels faster. This is not taking into account if the game has a save feature or not.

overall it is an enjoyable game at any rate.

Credits & Info

3.25 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2011
5:14 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid