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Avania: episode 2 part 1

rated 3.40 / 5 stars
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Oct 20, 2011 | 2:03 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Note: You missed episode 1: part 3. You can find it on my website. I just wasn't confident enough with that episode to upload it. :/
Keep in mind. I'm looking for constructive feedback on this (minus the crappy backgrounds). Not looking for bratty comments about how much you didn't like it. Leave constructive feedback.
Please review people. e.e

Come on people! comment. Grrr. I'm watching you. O.O

OMG, this was a llllooonnggg episode.
Voices are beginning to be a real bother with this. Alot of the feeback I'm getting is saying voice acting sux or the voices don't fit the other characters. Guys, I'm trying my best. I'm not a super human with 1000 different voices. I'm quite happy with Andy and Tira's voice. And especailly the shapeshifter rama I didn't know I could do that kind of voice. O.O I didn't like Tira's younger voice. It was too high pitched I took everyone's advice and tried to put more emotion into the voices. I hope it worked out. I need voice actors T.T some parts are hard to hear. So if you didn't hear a certain part. Just ask me (I'll tell you what they said)
Oh and the music in the background is called The way to your heart by AshleyAlyse from newgrounds(it's not mine)

I guess this is my favorite episode so far. (even though it was annoying to work on with all those conversation angles)
It starts showing the background stories of the characters.

(summarizing the episode (for those who don't understand)
Andy is kicked awake by Z. He doesn't know who he is but soon remembers his eventful day yesterday. He realizes it wasn't a dream. Z says he isn't exactly thrilled that Andy has temorarily joined their group. Tira calls for breakfast. Andy hesitates when he sees the different colored egg in front of him. He tried it and it tastes just like cheesecake. (somehow. lol)
After breakfast Andy is absentmindly tracing a tree trunk. Tira says his name doesn't fit him. Andy asks Tira where are everyone's parents? She goes into her backstory. They have a conversation. Z stops Andy from talking to Tira but she says it's alright. Andy wants to know what's wrong with Z and why he hates him. They go into another conversation with her and Z. Andy notices she's hiding something from him about Z. Meanwhile, the rama (shapeshifter) is still watching Andy. He comments about how he doesn't know why his master took such an interest in the boy. Andy asks about the boys who robbed him earlier. She says they are the Black Birds (that's their group name) and introduces them. Tira says Z gave Kazim a perminent limp when he got mad. Andy asks about why do they let Z stay in the group if he's so dangerous? Tira goes into her and his relationship. (now I know this part is confusing (-->)Suddenly Tira hears a sound and tells Andy to get down. She is pounced on by a man. She screams in an attempt to alert her teammates. Z runs toward her. When he sees he on the ground thinking she's hurt goes into a rage. And his covered eye glows red.

On a side note: He calls his aunt Sophie his "mom." In the last episode he said he missed his mom. That's actually aunt Sohie, not his real mom.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

I know this isn't about background but...

I think I saw some quite nice backgrounds like:
+ the cloud background.
+the black tree behind that mystrious guy.
+the green bush. (it need just a little improvement)

I wonder where did the other part of the group gone. they were there in ep 1 part 3.

lol I think that was a good idea to remove some part of the unneccery things to low down the movies size.

there was some few drawings error but I just liked it , it made this movie a bit funny. :P <<-- I hope this doesn't let you down. (I know that you rushed to make this good piece of work.

you know.... you should give your self a longer time for you to create your next episode and try not to give it a drawings error as hard as you could.

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Deer50 responds:

thanks :)
Actually the group was nearby but I just didn't draw them in :p


Rated 4 / 5 stars

like before still desent!!

you're getting better at this!! i feel that you shouldn't get your self down so much about ep1 part 3. it wasn't that bad!! the fact is everyone expect too much of the creater and says harsh things when you can't meet their expectations but all i want is something to entertain me.(i bore easlily) if it does that i am satisfied. and they should be too. so nice job!

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Deer50 responds:

thanks :)