A Boy and his Box

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This is by far the longest animation I've ever done. Its a wopping 17 minutes long, worked on it for 7 weeks straight. Get some snacks and drinks, sit back, and enjoy the tale of a Boy and his Box.


Daily 3rd place, thanks newgrounds!


Tri-Force what?

What a nice story. I hope to see what happens to the peeps in the next installment.

So touching...

First of all your Author Comments is brilliant
"Get some snacks and drinks, sit back, and enjoy..."
At first I though it was going to be another neat musical of fantasy, like the
Adam phillips famous series "The YuYu". But as the story moves forward and characters are revealed espacially the part where a female gives the two guys hope (which was a very intellegent part) I noticed this unique and genius movie as it is.
Despite all I said the big surprise was at the end, the credits which showed me something which was a jaw opener - The fact that you wrote this amazing story!
I salute you! most impressive!
Your upcoming prizes: FRONT PAGE! AT LEAST 2th PLACE! 4.5! and 9.8! seek me if I'm wrong!

Untill next time!

Xcyper33 responds:

Haha, 4.5? I sure hope I get semi close to that XD. Thanks for this detailed review!

wow amazing

well that was just a delightful story thank you now i can sleep with a bedtime story lol


you took a while to make this and it definitely shows because the story was great and entertaining to me. i dont judge by graphics its the story itself that truly matters anyways so 10 stars.

A Boy and his Box

This is quite a interesting story you have made here, my lad. It has a good theme that is medieval. It has a good purpose, a "Legend" that you told. Also a good moral that is usually in this kind of theme. If you succeed to get a couple of views and become popular, you can remake this and make it have good graphics like get a artist to help. Even though the entire thing was narration, it's pretty good. I'm repeating good so much. Sorry for saying so much. Anyways, thanks for the show.

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4.04 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2011
2:32 AM EDT