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Based on a true story! This was one of those things that was only supposed to take me 2-3 weeks to get the joke out but then I kept adding things and it spiraled a little but hey, finally, here we go. I'll try to have some more info on my blog and some production-related stuff in the next while, but first I gotta get back to work on some other things... FUN(?) FACT, we recorded all the music for this ourselves, and that really is Caxx "nyanning".

Thanks hugely to Tom and Mike for helping me get some API stuff sorted out, you guys are awesome!

This might not run well on older computers (or even newer ones) so I'd suggest using the "dim the lights" feature.... otherwise, sorry about that, kind of.

Oh also, a few people have suggested a seizure warning, so here you go:


Thanks for watching, pls enjoy!


what the......

that was weird O_O but a nice animation! maybe a little scared but cool

Amazing but I did not need sleep thanks


Not recommended for children under 18. May cause epilepsy.

One of my favorites on newgrounds atm, wonderful, I love the Malboro reference, so classy! :)

Very smooth animation and voice acting

Dear creators,
My space here is limited, so I'll only highlight key points. I won't judge based on aesthetics because the concept is so subjective.
Let me congratulate you, first of all, on an extremely smooth animation. Seldom did I find any motion to be blocky, clunky, or otherwise less than phenomenal. The color choices were fantastic and very well positioned. There is a great level of humor accompanied with the contrasting themes and a wonderful ending since it remains consistent with the idea of erratic thoughts. The flash, however, isn't without flaws.
The most notible flaw is when Redminus - or the boy in the flash of whom I'm assuming is Redminus - is talking. The arm motions that accompany the conversation are, in fact, blocky. I notice that the sleeves do not move fluidly and consistently with the motion being done at the time. Think, for example, of Caxx's flying motion; her clothing flows and flaps with her as she flies in a manner one would expect clothing to move during floating/flying/nyan-ing (with exception to the hoodie, which is a consistency issue). Regarding Caxx, though, a lot of the flowing motions seem very inconsistent. For example, moments before encountering Malboro, the strings to her hoodie stop flowing. Up until that point, however, they were flowing freely with her red shirt/blouse. However, at the end, when Caxx arises and pushes Redminus out of the way to regurgitate, all components of her hoodie are flowing normally and freely as they would in real life.
Props to some of the details, though. I especially love the subtle gray shading you did in Caxx's computer room. I'm assuming that small gray line represents a corner of the room, yes? I also notice you had some dark sharing during Caxx's flying rainbow. I'm not sure what the point of that is. I'm assuming aesthitics. I wish there was a pause button because I had a difficult time assessing the quick succession of "scary" scenes. From what I could tell, though, it looked fantastic and very relevant.
Other than a few consistency flaws, I find no other problems with the flash. If you've any further questions, send me some mail

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Oct 19, 2011
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