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Muffin Man: Episode 2

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Hey everyone! Thanks for the feedback on the last video! Sorry it took so long for the next one... School is such a pain.


The following morning, Jellybean starts the Muffin Man fan club. People from all over come to see. Jellybean begins talking... and soon enough everything takes a turn for the worse. Jellybean looks out into the crowd to see everyone is leaving because it's too boring! The last one in the crowd is Sky, and even she was confused. Jellybean gets frustrated (understatement of the year...) However, Sky has an unhealthy obsession over Jellybean, and decided to stay. She comes up with a plan to make things more interesting. Kidnap Muffin Man! If Jellybean brought Muffin Man, people may actually stay to meet the hero, give his fan club credibility, and be tons of fun! Jellybean and Sky go off to capture the hero, but they go in the wrong direction... Oops.

Meanwhile, Olive enters his secret lair, carrying the mysterious bottle. Immediately he gets to work. He runs across his lair, performing numerous experiments and tests. Soon enough, Olive's work is done. Olive exits his hideout. But soon after, a second figure appears next to him. The second figure looks very familiar. Could it be?

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