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Grinning Cobossus

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Addicted 5 Points

Load up the game five times

Don't leave yet! 5 Points

Click "more games"

Nope, not a walkthrough 5 Points

Watch the video

Pressin' F5 5 Points

Load up the game two times

5 Minutes to kill yourself 10 Points

Play for five minutes

Whining Cobossus 10 Points

Beat the game on easy difficulty

Malicious Joy 25 Points

Score 35k in survival mode

Now you're a hero 25 Points

Beat the game on medium difficulty

This is actually fun! 25 Points

Play for half an hour

Double Kill 50 Points

Score 100k in survival mode

Easier with a rope 50 Points

Beat the game on hard difficulty

Ultimate Assassin 100 Points

Don't get hit on "hard"

Author Comments

Grinning Cobossus is a shmup that only consists of one epic boss fight, but it features 3 difficulty modes, survival mode, 12 achievements to earn and a lot of fun.

v 1.09 Added a 3-seconds delay after unpausing the game

v 1.08 Various bugfixes, mouse is now centered on the ship, also fixed a bug that occured in survival mode

v 1.05 Fixed health regeneration issue. Also, scores in survival mode are updated each time you hit the boss, the score won't be ignored when quitting via the exit to menu button.

v 1.04 You can now suicide by pressing the "9" key two times in case you wanna quit survival mode. (It won't save the score unless you die)


Mouse - move (mouse controls)
Left mouse button - Shoot (mouse controls)
WASD / arrows - move (keyboard controls)
X / L - shoot (keyboard controls)
F - toogle autofire
K - toggle keyboard controls
Space / P - Pause
M - mute all sounds

The game's a pun on the legendary flash game "You have to burn the rope". The Grinning Colossus was used with mazapan's permission.

Feel free to leave feedback, especially since it's my first flash game. I'm open for suggestions and tips, but also bug reports.



Decent game. I definitely enjoy it for the time I played it. Started off on hard and then checked out easy. Multiple bosses with new patterns would be fun.

Something you might consider fixing is the reference point for the ship to follow the mouse. The red dot is to the left of the ship. Several times I'd avoid bullets by moving to the left edge and my mouse would move out of the game window, causing me to get it.

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Gama11 responds:

Yeah, that's something I'll definetely take into consideration. Thx for the helpful feedback. :D

Makes me wish flash supported peripherals so much!

Blaaaaah, so it seems I am just too much of an arcade shmup junkie.
Anyway, it could use some harder patterns, not just 'stuff is a little closer together'
Hard is a bit more of an endurance test than anything else, just have to find the 'sweet spots' and hover there to be totally safe and then keep it up for as long as possible. Unfortunately this is something it seems I can only do with a gamepad or stick! It just feels slightly monotonous doing them all at once since there's no pattern change.
This does make want to download the MAME for Gigawing and use the mouse and see how fast it takes me to crap out though. (A game i've beaten with no hits multiple times with a pad/stick, you have to in order to see the true endings)

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Gama11 responds:

Hm, have you tried the keyboard controls yet? They might fit your style of playing better.
I also suggest you to try out a software called "Joy2Key" - it converts Gamepads inputs into keys like WASD - you could totally play this game with your gamepad this way.

I'll keep the feedback for the bullet patterns in mind in case I make another smhup sometime. Thx. :)


Simple, great reference, and surprisingly fun! Its great to play survival just to see how overpowered your ship can get.

Imo the ship regen rate should probably be reversed. Right now, it increases as you have more health but decreases when you have less. If you end up with 1 hp you really have no way of getting back up without a pickup, and it makes the game incredibly easy if you stock up in armor: you not only have a lot of health but you simply healover whatever hits you. You need to dodge everything early in the game though to recover all that health. Just a thought.

I've gotten over 100k score in survival a couple times, but the score achievements and medals aren't given.

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Gama11 responds:

Thx. :)
You're right, the ships health regeneration is kinda stupid right now... It recharges a certain percentage of the current health atm - changed it to a percentage of the maximum health in version 1.05.

The survival medals are working, but you have to die to have them awarded / the score saved. Did you quit via the exit menu button? Gotta think about a fix for this issue... Sry for your trouble.

Not bad, but easy

I did enjoy playing this game for a while, but I found that it was too easy. The difficulty levels didn't seem to increase the difficulty enough; while I did notice the differences between easy and hard, they weren't great enough to actually make the game any harder. Perhaps my biggest complaint is about survival mode; basically, the player goes through the boss fight over and over again, with no changes. I could do this all day if I wanted to, with one exception: the bug I ran into that ruined everything. I had finished three full run-throughs of the boss on survival mode, had a score of ~172k, and I just wanted to die so I could get the medals. When the boss loaded the first stage of the fourth run-through, I deliberately ran into him. This caused him to instantly die and progress directly to the third stage, but it glitched the game and made it impossible for me to move my ship or to close the upgrade window. I can hear the little drones shooting at me, but since I can't move my ship, I'm not getting hit by their lasers, and thus can never die. It's frustrating when I went through the fight three times in a row, only to get screwed over because of a glitch.

Anyway, the game wasn't bad other than the glitch I ran into.

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Gama11 responds:

Thank you for that great feedback. I guess you're just skilled at playing shmups - I find hard mode pretty challenging myself, while easy mode is a piece of cake. Some players have a hard time beating easy mode.
Gz on beating hard mode without taking any hits!

On a side note: I'll try to fix that glitch later today. Ty for reporting it.

Mostly very enjoyable

What I find to be the coolest about this is how straightforward everything is. Dude, I think I rose the score from a 3.82 to a 3.94! That's got to be some record for me! This is a good game because the graphics are good and the medals make you want to continue playing. I thought that the third form was going to be the final, but there was even a fourth! The first and fourth are really the only ones where he seems to be actively attacking you.

All the other times, it's like there's just obstacles in your way. It's also great to have so many difficulty modes to interact with. At least I'm weak enough to get through the Easy mode, but held my own until Medium's third form. The music is nice and gives the player a good sense of being in a sci-fi world. I'm glad this got front paged.

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Gama11 responds:

Thx for the in-depth review and pushing the rating. :)

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