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Grinning Cobossus

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Addicted 5 Points

Load up the game five times

Don't leave yet! 5 Points

Click "more games"

Nope, not a walkthrough 5 Points

Watch the video

Pressin' F5 5 Points

Load up the game two times

5 Minutes to kill yourself 10 Points

Play for five minutes

Whining Cobossus 10 Points

Beat the game on easy difficulty

Malicious Joy 25 Points

Score 35k in survival mode

Now you're a hero 25 Points

Beat the game on medium difficulty

This is actually fun! 25 Points

Play for half an hour

Double Kill 50 Points

Score 100k in survival mode

Easier with a rope 50 Points

Beat the game on hard difficulty

Ultimate Assassin 100 Points

Don't get hit on "hard"

Author Comments

Grinning Cobossus is a shmup that only consists of one epic boss fight, but it features 3 difficulty modes, survival mode, 12 achievements to earn and a lot of fun.

v 1.09 Added a 3-seconds delay after unpausing the game

v 1.08 Various bugfixes, mouse is now centered on the ship, also fixed a bug that occured in survival mode

v 1.05 Fixed health regeneration issue. Also, scores in survival mode are updated each time you hit the boss, the score won't be ignored when quitting via the exit to menu button.

v 1.04 You can now suicide by pressing the "9" key two times in case you wanna quit survival mode. (It won't save the score unless you die)


Mouse - move (mouse controls)
Left mouse button - Shoot (mouse controls)
WASD / arrows - move (keyboard controls)
X / L - shoot (keyboard controls)
F - toogle autofire
K - toggle keyboard controls
Space / P - Pause
M - mute all sounds

The game's a pun on the legendary flash game "You have to burn the rope". The Grinning Colossus was used with mazapan's permission.

Feel free to leave feedback, especially since it's my first flash game. I'm open for suggestions and tips, but also bug reports.



An extremely fun 143 seconds, full of laughs and epicness. A little short, but awesome nonetheless.

Gama11 responds:

Thanks. You can try to go for a highscore or earning some of the achievements / medals now. :)

boss's facial expression

instant 10 for epicness

Gama11 responds:

Thank you!

Seven Force, this guy is not.

I like the IDEA behind this game. Just have one opponent that has a bunch of forms, and do battle with him until you win.

I also liked this idea a lot more in "Boss Battle", a game I once played on Kongregate where the boss had more than four fixed patterns throughout the whole game.

See, the problem with this game is not in the ideas you have (I like the experience and upgrade system you have- even though it doesn't feel like upgrading my damage really does anything- and I love how it works on an "Awardment" system), but the simple fact that the boss itself isn't very interesting to fight.

Cobossus's patterns are extremely easy to figure out, and because they come at you in the same order every time, it's not exactly hard to defeat the first three stages of your Cobossus foe- and the only reason it's hard to defeat the fourth stage is because not only is he the only one that attacks with any sort of randomness, he also decides to suddenly become a top-level damage sponge (seriously, he takes a LOT less damage than the other forms despite how by this point, your damage level has likely been boosted a couple of times) who seems meant solely to annoy the player into making mistakes because he just doesn't want to fucking DIE.

This is a game that, while sound in concept, really needs more to it than there is. Maybe give him more phases, maybe add a little more randomization regarding how he attacks, maybe rebalance how much health he has during his four phases... just do something, because the game's pretty mediocre as it stands.

And I also find blatantly pandering the game to people who've heard of "You Have To Burn The Rope" to be a REALLY cheap grab for high scores, but I won't reflect that in my own score.

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Gama11 responds:

Thx for this in-depth review. It really helps me to make better games in the future. :)

i like it but

if this is your attempt to match burn the rope it failed

Gama11 responds:

This wasn't suposed to be a copy, but a reference, since I love YHTBTR. ;)

Hold on a sec...

i thought you couldnt kill the cobossus using normal means, like shooting, i thought you could only kill him by burning the rope! i should know, i tried throwing axes at him for like 10 min...
Anyways, a nice little vertical shooter. kept me rather entertained.

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Gama11 responds:

Thx, I'm happy you enjoyed playing it.

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