Pokemon Reviews Pt2

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Part 2 the second opinion. It's more a personal frustrated rant about how these games can be really stale and not fun. It was fun for me, now you can enjoy my mediocre voice acting skills and forced anger.

There is a part 3 to conclude this trilogy. So hang tight.

This is also old, before Pokemon Black and White came out.

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I agree with everything but Pokemon Mystory Dungon. Pokemon does need a major plot change. I have Pokemon white on the DS and while it does feel diffirent the Gameplay feels the same. I think the only major thing I like about White is that the boss of Team Plasma has the rare pokemon in his team (Well two actully) and it was intresting to fight. Anyway, I quite liked the plot of PMD it was a hell load more fun then the main series and you get to be a pokemon. But still, I agree quite strongly with your review and think that Pokemon does need a major plot change, Maybe something like PMD or MSG storywise.


I can't deny that pokemon needs a plot change. I mean, I used to be such a fan of pokemon that I dressed as Ash Catchem for Holloween once, and even I'm getting tired of the repetitive plot. Although I fully recognize this animation was made before Black and White versions, I still wish to say that I do think in those games, the honestly attempted to alter the plot, tried and failed, but still tried. I think the main issue is they're being too careful, kind of applying the "If it ain't broken, don't fix it." principle too much. They're probably more doing so after Rangers and Mystery Dungeons.

As far as the hire someone else comment, it's not quite as simple as it may sound. This is something I didn't know until a couple weeks ago, so feel free to research it yourself if you want, but, for some traditional reason, Japan doesn't import foreign products. I'm not sure if hiring a non-Japanese company would count or not, but if it does, finding the right story writer would be a lot more difficult. Also, I will slap myself if Game Freak isn't Japanese. Just to be clear, they are fine with exporting to other countries, just not importing from them.

So, again, I agree that they need to put that pokemon making aside, cause 9XX is enough for a while and make a better plot, but I don't think this issue is being COMPLETELY ignored either.

If you wish to discuss this further, I would be happy to and promise to do my best not to go, "Well you're just jealous because pokemon is so awesome and you aren't cool enough for it." Also, I apologize if anything I say doesn't make sense. I'm kind of the type of guy that has just enough wit to realize he lacks in it.

Side note: Though I wouldn't be the best to take this from, as I think I even need to be more picky in life, I personally was fine with the plot in Mystery Dungeons. I mean, it wasn't the best, but I liked it. It was the game mechanics that got my disapproval. I have no opinion on any of the Pokemon Rangers games as I played non of them.

i have to agree on the mystery dungeon one...

i do agree that the ending to mystery dungeon really got on my nerves, because i didnt want to leave that world, not to mention i agree with the rest of the review on pokemon, as the games have gotten incredibly repetitive. and like Tumeg4, im also glad that i stopped on ruby/sapphire/emerald. i sure hope your voice is heard and nintendo/gamefreak gives us better pokemon games. best of luck to you.

You hit the nail on the head

Your statements could not be any truer relating to pokemon. It is the same boring Bull [bleep] that has only new pokemon and that's it. I'm glad I stopped at the third Generation with Ruby Saphire and emerald. To me, Pokemon is forever dead unless major plot changes are made.

Um, naaah...

Um, yess, as you may noticed yourself, thats a lame Animation, can I call this Animation anyway?
Im sure you did a lot of drawing for this movie, but maybe you should try to improve the quality of your drawings and script instead of trying to make them fast, maybe just a matter of patience.
Um, maybe its because im german that i had trouble to follow what was said, but after all I think you also should improve the sound/speech quality.
For its probably one of your first videos, I think you still will learn and improve, but this one is everything else than a good movie.

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Oct 19, 2011
8:08 AM EDT