Missilebreak Outvaders

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Civil Defense Recruit 5 Points

Survive a wave of Traditional Interpretation.

Engineer 5 Points

Gain enough points to rebuild a lost city.

Civil Defense Veteran 10 Points

Survive five waves of Traditional Interpretation.

Delaying Doom 10 Points

Survive a wave of Doomsday Theory.

Flawless Defender 10 Points

Don't allow any missiles to hit the ground.

Civil Defense Elite 25 Points

Survive ten waves of Traditional Interpretation.

Doomsday Tomorrow 25 Points

Survive three waves of Doomsday Theory.

Heroic Pack Rat 25 Points

Win an extra city, but have no dead cities to rebuild.

This Game Is Easy 50 Points

Survive three waves of Doomsday Theory with all six cities intact.

Author Comments

Our expert team of archaeoludologists has pored over the historical record, piecing together and translating ancient artifacts. We are pleased to finally be able to present a scientifically-accurate reconstruction of one of the very first forms of electronic entertainment, in a playable form for the first time this millennium!


Very additing.

I can't really think of a word to describe how awesome this game is.

By the way, the only thing I'm wondering is, where can I find (or possibly download) the music in the game?

epic but...

my citys exploded and no red bullets near them ): i lost on wave 7 ):

jonathansfox responds:

Blue missiles will destroy your cities just as well as red ones. :)

Good game, but....

I am slightly confused, are there only 2 levels? or is this game just not working correctly on my computer? I cant seem to "move on" from the first level of each game mode, is this intentional? If not this game may be a bit buggy.
Either way, its fun, i like the retro style of it.

I think some further development is very possible for this game, perhaps adding upgrades and maybe instead of a simple paddle make it resemble a ship like the one from galaga or somesuch, for artistic flair.

Well played

Old Games are often the Best Games

Very interesting concept that worked out far better than I had expected it would--I'd like to see more of these kinds of oldie-game mash-ups (like the two you mentioned below, Tetriman Pacs and Castle Doom-Life).

This is a brilliant reconstruction;

I look forward to Diablo's Halo when you manage to get the raw fragments away from the oddballs that try to keep it from the public. (I think they won't see reason until the board games companies re-release Sorry Mousetrapped Life, but that's just a personal theory..)

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Credits & Info

4.18 / 5.00

Oct 18, 2011
11:15 PM EDT
Action - Other