FF Tribute - Chocobo Mix

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aka "Chocobo Robo Voice"

Nearly 60 Final Fantasy characters, 2 minutes of Chocobo Theme love, and 1 little bouncing Boco. ---- This is for all the Final Fantasy fans. It's not ment to be laugh out loud funny, but I hope it makes you smile. Enjoy.

1) I did not make the song. Joe Redifer of OC Remix did. I asked him if I could use it. He said yes.
2) If you want to download the song, (By Joe Redifer, not me!) then click on the aduio link to the left!
3)the preloader is based directly off 8-bit theater. Call it a tribute to a great web comic :)
4) The dude at the end with the brown hair is Bartz (aka Butz) from FF5.
5) There is a hidden scene. Click on something that looks out of place in Final Fantasy... (the scene itself is just a joke, not true!)
6)I want to thank everyone who made this cartoon a success! (Booyaka!)

UPDATE: I added a button at the very end that allows you to print out the lyrics, so you can take them anywhere and annoy people.

(I suggest playing this movie on Medium or Low Quality unless you have a fast machine.)

***Flash Movie #5***


10 years later and i still sing this song....

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Just rediscovered this video

I came home from school today and had this song going through my head. I found this absolutely amazing, because I haven't heard this song since it came out, 10 years ago. I was 7 at the time. I still completely love this and all your other animations. Brings back memories from the good ol' days.

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Ahh the memories

I remember watching this waaaaayyyyy back in the day, when I first began watching flash videos. I was 11 when this came out! Man, even after 10 years I still love flash animation.

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Flash animation has come along way

I looked this up for old old old times sake, was 12 when i first saw this and it blew my mind. Had to watch everything on the website and it all made me laugh. Now I look and all I see is how far these flash animators have come. Makes these old cartoons look like cave drawing but they still have their charms. not sure if its the programs or the animators who have improved but its been a good ten years almost. Keep making great animation, I thought you had stopped and quit or something.

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I'm not a big FF fan, but that was cool. Also, I like what you did with Aries and Sephiroth near the end there. After all, don't we all kinda wish that's how it happened in the game?

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Jul 25, 2002
12:56 PM EDT
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