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Business Fun

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Your grandfather bequeathed this entire plaza to you on the condition that you open a shopping mall! His dream was to build his own shopping mall, and make people happy while making money. Can you get through this business alone?

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Well i think i finished the game lol. I bought all the stores. all the elevators and such. fully upgraded everything. Only thing I got from it was accomplishment. Story goes as far as the intro. Nothing happens once you're done. Guess you just keep making money.

It was a chore to keep clicking each store to collect and i agree with the below person. It would be nice if people interracted with the mall instead of just walking around. It would at least give me a reason to upgrade other than making money.

The game held my attention tho. I just wanted to upgrade to the max, I thought maybe something will happen at the end...nope

It seems a little bland and has an unwarranted learning curve. The game concept is well enough but this needs a lot of tweaking in order to be a decent game.

For instance: Describe what each upgraded function does. You have employees that do something, a reputation that does something, a bunch of stuff like stairs and restroom that do something, among others. It took me a while to figure out that advertisements actually increase your income. A description of the item along what it does in-game goes a long way.

You could also add other features like a warehouse that houses all inventory, or not have that feature at all, and another feature that allows you to collect 'rent' from all stores simultaneously. Having people go into the stores will also add to the gaming experience instead of them just aimlessly wandering around. Food for thought, as I did not see any reviews here.

Also, the music is terrible and reminds me of a golfing game. I am happy that you added a mute button but a selection of different loops or a track of them would be appreciated.