Avoid or Be Destroyed

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A small game that i created just to learn flash as3 and how to use flash.
A friend of mine did the drawings except for the obviously shitty ones like the menus :).
Would love critism and guidance in where i should take this.
But i kind of lost interest in this project as of this moment.
I removed the background music cause it was annoying lol.
Anyway thats about it
Either use keyboard to move or mouse to move and shoot (I prefer mouse)
if keyboard
bomb - q
fire - space
pause - p

if mouse
fire - right click
bomb - middle scroll
set those options in the settings
There are 5 drop types
-Ammo Drop
-Bomb Drop
-Grenade Drop (it explodes and blows shit up)(chain explosions occur if another grenade touches a explosion
-Slow Time Drop(it slows enemies and enemy explosions for a bit) (stackable)
-Health Drop(self explanitory)
There is a HUD
-Displays ammo
-Displays bombs
-Displays health
-Displays Score
-Displays fucked up 24 second clock
Give it a try even though there is no real progressional goal as of this moment and its just a arcade score type game.



the move speed needs increased to make this game playable on difficult - that or slow down the opposition. (in favor of the latter, actually)

I'd see this more as a centipede type game - have the opposition and the main character for that matter be walking around instead of just floating heads. It's a little more programming and some more graphics, but you can do it.

So... slow down the opposition, and since the stage isn't moving anywhere, make it so the items don't just float to you - make the player go get them!

and smaller targets.

WeedMongers responds:

But difficult is incredibly easy since you can shoot bullets and explode shit

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2.21 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2011
9:38 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid