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Turn Based Fighting V2

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After posting the first version last night, i decided to try this again, so here is a list of improvements.
1. Inifinite Enemies!
2. More stats to upgrade!
3. More balanced enemies!


lots of work to go.

not bad as much as it was incomplete. The game play was extradonarily basic, as there was only the attack and potion button. The point system was alright, but my qualm was the heavy tax on potions. It required 3 when attack and base health was one? Potions are items, so ignoring the high toll, they should be bought with currency not points. Its a waste of points in the current form. also you should include different classes as this is the basic rpg battle. If you want, you can keep the current guy as a super novice as a challenge for expert players. basically you need more playability for the character. Players should have an option to play the character as they want. as far as enemies, I wouldn't say it was balanced. the higher I went, they stockpiled more pots so it became a battle of who had more pots. Again it was too simplistic.... overall its a decent skeleton

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Like what you're trying for here

Get yourself some artists and animators and focus on coding stats and a few special attacks/buff items and such instead. You have a decent Android/iPhone game skeleton here.

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Liozamu responds:

Thanks for the comments, I`ll look into more attacks and such.

It's.... okay....

It really needs some animation work as well as some work with the mechanics. I'd keep this around as a reference point for future projects, showing what you could improve on and what you can keep. It's a good start, though! Keep going!

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Liozamu responds:

Thanks for the advice, I`ll keep working on this.

Needs... a lot.

Ok, the basics seem to be in order - i.e. it functions properly. Aside from that, you need sounds, music, background, different attacks, "damaged" states, etc etc etc.

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You should

Add Sfx make a button that adds the total points given to the chosen stat and make the attack success to be random cuz the game as it is is too easy and boring.

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2.23 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2011
4:50 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS