The Life of Gregory Brown

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My submission for the Newgrounds Halloween contest 2011,

The story of a man who looks like an innocent normal looking guy, but has a dark secret that no one knows about except for his "family"...

I guess I was inspired by the Silence of the Lambs, which i just finished reading when starting on this movie and Hitchcock's Psycho.


Made using Adobe Flash and Adobe Photoshop.


Not Bad, but...

It is a very good animation with very good direction with an awesome crazy theme, but unfortunately it loses some to me because it reminds me way too much of an episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog when Muriel's nephew Fred comes to town and it is narrated in the same way. IF this was somewhat based off of that I would understand, but because of that lack of inspiration by that it's not as good. Overall pretty damn good, 8/10 continue the good work

oh wow.

He reminds me of the Tails doll.

The ending

ohhh man the ending, I felt like closing the animation in those last moments, but I made it trough.

This really gets to you, wonderfull work I´d say.

This scared me a bit...

Not because I felt threatened by the character, he seemed very real, but more so by the strange anxiety that came over me towards the end of the flash. I half expected this to be another one of those "Mouse Maze" things where after a while of looking at one spot (I couldn't stop looking at his nose, lol) something GAWD AWFUL would jump out and scare people shitless. I am glad to see this was not one of those. Nicely done!

Informative, in a way

An interesting look into the life of a serial killing necrophiliac and possible pedophile. My only question is does he wear the condom to protect him from parasites or something else decomposition related?
Anyhow, nice little cartoon man. It sort of made me think of the occasional animation you would see in that style on PBS which gave it a sort of twisted nostalgia effect. I think Hitchcock would have been proud of that bizarre little psychological effect. Whether or not it was intentionally employed, and whether or not it had a similar impact on anyone else is somewhat unimportant to me. I just thought it was an interesting little video overall; in the future though if you make something similar or a sequel you may want to employ some kind of tragic irony as it adds to this type a thing a good deal. Its a solid 4, but I feel like it deserves a little more than a 4. I just wish that there were a way to give a 4.5 or something like that. Keep on making vids and enriching the NG community.

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Oct 17, 2011
10:03 AM EDT