Chicken Strike

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******Sorry the last version had an encryption problem this version should be fixed.******

A thrilling story-based action game where you are mankind's best hope for surviving the onslaught of mutant chickens.

-Use WASD to drive the tank
-Use Space to fire main weapon
-Aim with the mouse
-Click to fire secondary weapon (machine gun)
-Use Escape or Enter to initialize the in game menu

This was posted before by me, but the icon was messed up and I couldn't fix it (even after reuploading the icon). Sorry for the double post. I have removed the old post.


Loved the game, hated the screen

Game was great for the most part, nice mechanics, fun story, great music, but the tank size was something that took getting used to. After getting used to it though, the game was just pure fun.

Game is definitely made to be played with advanced controls, so if you're a hardcore gamer, go with that as they seem to make everything much smoother.

I like how different weapons are better suited for different levels; at first I thought radiation emitter was the best, but then once I tried some of the other ones on certain levels, they would actually make things much easier.

Keep making games! This one seems to have had a lot of effort put into it, and if you listen to feedback and fix certain problems, your games would most likely be highly rated games.


Yes, the game screen is small especially in comparison to the tank. This just adds a challenge to the game with the chickens being as quick as they are. Even the issue of collision that some complain about, I didn't notice other than where it would be intended. There was only an issue of collision with soldiers following you, they would block your path of retreat, but you can't exactly run your men over in the field of battle can you? The weapons were anything but weak, it's called upgrades people, use em. Movement keys and space "special" were spot on and easy to use. There is no need to complain and rate down a game because it's not handed to you on toddler mode.

Overall, your story was strange and it was a fun game which I personally found to be easy/fun. Once you get and rank up Radiation Field you're pretty much unstoppable. Well as long as you have armor as well. Anyways, well done.

Seems everyone thinks the same thing

Potential greatness ruined by a tiny screen that makes it impossible to play. and the rounds from the tank shouldnt be able to go over the chickens

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Just can't do it.

This looks like it would be a great game, however, there are many, many problems that make it where I just don't want to continue playing. The biggest issue I have is the chickens are to fast for the limited amount of screen. By the time you see them, they are already on top of you, can't kill them fast enough to punch a hole and drive on through, it was pointless to even try and hit them all before they suicided the tank. Even after I upgraded the machine gun, and the cannon, I saw no improvement what so ever. they didn't kill faster, didn't shoot wider, already shot fast... in other words, I have no clue what clicking upgrade all those times did.
I could only stand to play to the 3rd level, just after the base deffense, because it was simply pointless, and the two soldiers that were following me only made trying to get away from the feathery waves as I tried to reverse to make enough room between to kill them. Eh, I'm starting to ramble, and I'm sure others have noticed the same issues.
Work on it some and it would be a really great game, it just is not right now.

Nope. It's got problems.

1. The tank is too big or the screen is too small. You can't see very far in front of your tank. It would help to have either a larger screen area or a smaller tank.

2. It's doesn't help to have the screen move. When the tank moves, the screen advances in that direction, but when you stop, it snaps back and you can no longer see the attackers. Again, it would help to shrink the tank so we can see more of the area around us.

3. A smaller tank would help us move about. I found myself getting the corner of my tank caught on the corner of buildings or barriers and it stopped me in my tracks. More room to maneuver would help.

4. Too many weapons. It's difficult to fire with the space bar when you're trying to turn or evade attackers. For this game, it would be better to have only one weapon, aimed and fired with the mouse.

5. Weak weapons or bad aiming? I was firing on small chickens with the machine gun, and they didn't die. It was like I was firing over them. In a top-down game, you shouldn't be able to fire over something. I tried with the main cannon, and some died, but not as well as they should have. I had a large chicken right in front of my tank (hurting me) and I fired the main gun and he still killed me. Is the strike area only where the aiming pointer is? If so, the hit zone should be anywhere in a straight line out from the gun. If I can shoot past something that's right in front of me, that's bad. Not fun at all.

The game has potential to be fun, but it's too cramped and too difficult to attack the enemies. Shrink it down so we can see around us, put in more (often) chickens, and let us go in guns blazing and blow stuff up and kick some butt and this'll be fun. :)

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Oct 17, 2011
1:13 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun