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Wisenheimers - Freestyle

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One night I was listening to old Wisenheimers podcasts like I usually do while I animate, and during the after show of episode 31, Max and Yotam were attempting to make a song.
This freestyle happened and I could just see the animation in my head as I listened. So as soon as possible I began animating this and a couple weeks later it was finished. I think it turned out alright, though it's somewhat half assed since I need to move on to SC&CW EP 2.

But anyway, enjoy this rap.

*EDIT* Wow thanks for the daily first :D

*EDIT* Front page? Awesome but I don't really think this cartoon deserves it

R.I.P Wisenheimers. You've supplied many laughs, and many hours of entertainment. Through all the arguements and ridiculous stories, you've gained a special place in all our hearts. I hope to see you two collaborate in the future. This show will be missed dearly.

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Interesting, but falls short

Okay, here we go. The intro was well put together and it gave me a sense of excitement. Like going up a rollercoaster, it built suspense on that fit well with the beginning of the song. BUT, everything else was, how you say, mediocre. A lot of your lines weren't smooth at all, I'm assuming you used a mouse. If you didn't, then I might suggest you practice more on your drawing skills (I know you were trying to copy Lazymuffin's style, but it would never hurt to learn). The background in this were, well, nonexistent. Yes, sometimes there were lines, but that shouldn't really count cause it takes little to no effort to put a line in there for the sake of a background. I mean, spending maybe ten to twenty minutes of your time to make somewhat a decent background would help improve this flash.

Now for the animation. Well, there was little to none animation at all! I mean, simple arm movements and mouth movements won't cut it if you want to make it good. Even those movements almost seemed robotic, might I suggest "motion cushioning" ? Facial expressions were little to none, maybe if you exaggerate the movements of their heads and jaws, it could be a little better.

As a last statement, I say it was okay, but nothing amazing. If you are interested into learning more in animation and improving at it, try looking up tutorials online and do some simple practices every other day or so. There's one thing you should know though, DONT BE LAZY. If you have an idea in your head that could make your animation slightly better, then DO IT. Don't just settle with what you got. I gotta say, animation is tough work, but boy does it pay out in the end!

I hope this review was of any use to you, and I hope you improve your skills in the near future. ;]

"This is not a song that can be in a animation,"

You have bad tastes Yotam and Myax. >:C


This is my theme song.


this music sucks; i loved it.
see what i did there?

YergTV responds:

i see what you did thurrr

lol, literally

I really needed that. nice job.