Double Bricks Extreme

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Double Bricks Extreme is a fast, exciting and cool game, where you have to click and match bricks of a similar color. Try to avoid that the left and right side overlap. Use bombs and other special items to survive as long as possible. Earn Awards in order to make more points and unlock new features in order to destroy more bricks.

Use the mouse.


Good challenge

With blocks coming from both sides of the screen, the game has a unique challenge. I've probably wasted about 6 or 7 hours on this game, all of it greatly enjoyed. The time I put into shows however, because I just got the highest submitted score ever.

Probably not for you if you don't like arcade type games where the goal is to get a good score.

Stars off for having the some rewards of the achievements be unclear, I still haven't figured out the supposed "burner" feature. I thought it might be a new block like the time stop thing was but it doesn't appear even in the upper 200 column levels.

zoyke responds:

Click the orange-colored burner in the middle, when the tiny lamp starts to blink.

Ok am I just retarded...

Or is anybody else having trouble figuring out how to use the "time stop" feature? Why isn't that written in the instructions or the description of the achievement? Otherwise great game and really addicting. Who cares if the idea has been done before, its just that it is a simple enough one that you people aren't able to appreciate what makes it different. If you think about it is there really that big of a difference between first person shooters or between platformers? They're all basically the same thing with different graphics and control schemes, same as this.


add sounds and submit it as an app... and youll make a shit ton dude xP

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It has potential.

It has a generic background music, which actually suffices for such a simple game.

But there's NO SOUND!

If you polish it up and update the game with some sound, you've got a killer app on your hands.

Add sound, go to android, submit this as an app, and watch your revenues grow.

This would be a very nice game for the android platform.

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Not bad.

It was enjoyable enough, but lacked sound.

Oh sure, there was a generic background beat, but nothing.
Not when I highlighted a block grouping.
Not when I removed a grouping.
Not when I removed an especially large grouping.
Not even an alarm when I finally got close to losing.

I've never seen a bomb explode silently.

That was the one major downfall of this game.

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3.41 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2011
7:08 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other