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Sonic Dark Chronicles 3

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Finally, Sonic Dark chronicles is over. All we have to do now is wait for the sequel (lol) so we can make another movie that will take us 10 years to finish!

The Audio is low quality to make it fit on NGs but there's a HQ version on the website.

http://www.evildoc.net/me dias/lecture.php?video=So nic_Dark_Chronicles_Part_


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um dexter is fake you didnt REALLY play sonic cronicals from beggining to end

Hmm what to say

Ok Im not to familiar with the Evil Doc videos that much but dint you guys made something about yourselfs? I mean I remember one episode where you were some critics of games and made enemies with Nintendo becouse you dared to insult Mario. Will there be any more of those? Those were pure gold. This thing here is to random ;( Also are guys from Europe? Im not sure but accent sounds very familiar. Hope to get a response from you


I just can't get enough of your Sonic videos. From the Doomed Shadow show to this, I always get plenty of chuckles.
Your defiently at your best when you make fun of the plot.

PS: The Kron's.....rock sticks, are really distracting.

ok then

I am going to say this about it: eh~.
I used to really enjoy your videos but lately they have been lacking a lot. Your original videos had a few things better than this.
The art: which was crappier back then because it was in paint but still had much more character behind it, having cut and paste drawings of their art just seems bland.
The voice acting: You had some pretty good comedic timing back in the day. and i hate to say this but it was much funnier when you were doing your in 2 mins videos because you had a small timespan to say a lot, which was funny. And i know you tried another in 2 mins videos recently but it was still just...off.
The writing: Still good, although i still would prefer this short and crisp with many good jokes than this which is a bit overdrawn with some jokes just being too long or unneeded. Also you should try being more insane again, it was more funny.

EvilDoc responds:

You're talking about Roger's videos. Roger is a member of Evildoc but he does his own independant movies as well. You can still watch movies like he ususally does on his own account. Evildoc is not Roger, it's a team and Roger is a part of it. Roger from IMP and Evildoc are two separated universes.

Still doing this?

Other than a laugh or two, I did not enjoy this that much.

Considering what I got from watching yours and Rogers work lately, Ive found your work lately has either been utter rage, utter exaggeration, or your trying too hard or missing the point. I can't tell which it is anymore with both your works. I use to see your works and be utterly joyed to see a new episode, yet now these days its more of a "Sigh...still?"

It's like you two are still back in somewhere between 2005-8, and have yet to move on.

EvilDoc responds:

Okay, I'm intruiged. I myself have found several of my idolic comediens grow stale or change their sense of humor untill I find myself losing interest, so I feel for you.

However, you don't make it really clear what is really bothering you here, so we'd love to hear more specifics.
Bad comic timing? Straying too far from the source material? Characters too dumbed down? To much talking, to much slapstick?

Also, heh, we've delayed this movie so much, I think the script really WAS written in 2008.