Wonders of the Universe 2

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The crew of the intergalactic cruise ship The Wonders of the Universe are celebrating their upcoming maiden voyage... but a surprise inspection puts everything in jeopardy.

This episode introduces several new alien characters including the dashing Captain McKraken, his First Mate Lin'zee Starshine, and the gruff head-of-security, Major Canis. Quintin is there too, if you're a fan of plain old humans.

We'll be throwing up a podcast about this episode's production soon, check our Newgrounds journal for a link!

Thank you to everyone for the positive votes and reviews! And a big thank you to the NG admins and Tom for the front page spot! As always, a lot of work goes into these and we always appreciate everyone's feedback, negative or positive!
We will read all reviews and mail, though may not be able to reply to all of them, so let us know what you think!

Everyone please enjoy the second Episode of "Wonders of the Universe!"

- The Toonwerks Crew

Voices (alphabetically):
Luke de Ayora (SeagullKing)
Chris Boe (BOE)
Edward Bosco (The-Darkwolf)
Miranda Gauvin (dellaciel)
Deven Mack (D-Mac-Double)
Xander Mobus (Motley-Fool)
Edwyn Tiong (Omahdon)

Mark Schneider (th1rt3en)
Joseph Blanchette (Legendary Frog)
Casey McDonald (Xiphon)
Dr. Awsome Pants (emotional support)



In response to why humans are on the bottom, maybe cause they have the lowest technology of the universe? Also they're so clueless and don't have the resources, like other planets and alien races do. Sorry we don't have any cool glowing or sub matter to offer, there for cheap labor. Anyway love the new characters and keep up the great work. Poor Quintin I wonder what happen to him next? At least he didn't get cheesed lol.

Toonwerks responds:

We've had several ideas as to the plot of why humans are the way they are in this series. It's likely to be something we reveal to audiences slowly, sort of a mini story arc within the series.

The first idea we had is cause Humans were just boring. In every Sci-fi show you see, humans are always the most basic beings ever. Aliens always have acidic blood or multiple heads or tentacles or can turn invisible. It's like we're on a planet surrounded by super heroes. So when Earth was discovered, all these aliens were incredibly dissapointed.

I liked that idea to start with, but over time we developed it into something much more story driven that we think people will enjoy.

When will this be a full Tv Series!?

Wow... Simply amazing.
Excellent animation and voice acting. I put this right up there with bitey of brackenwood. There are tons of shows on TV right now, that have worse production quality than this episode. I am really looking forward to watching more of these on newgrounds!
Good luck with the rest of the series!

Toonwerks responds:

I'm sure if we had to make a new episode every week, our production quality would take a nose dive :P

Unless, maybe, that networked paid us exuberant amounts of money to allow us all to quit our jobs and do NOTHING but draw and animate. And even than I'm sure it'd be crazy to do it that fast.


NOW this video deserves 10 stars my friend

Very well made, and excellently presented. It was both delightful and funny!

The animation was fluid and the voice acting was flawless, great work!

Alright, so...

I'm not ashamed to admit it. I gave this a '5' before I even saw the animation. Why? Because I know Toonwerks is an astounding team that has pumped out nothing but quality work ever since it started.

And, they didn't let me down. The art was smooth and fluid; the voice acting was top notch. Hell, even the music was epic. I even broke out laughing a couple times, something that I don't do all that often anymore.

Yet another wonderful, hilarious effort from you guys. Keep up the fantastic work! I hope to see another entry in the Wonders series soon.

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Toonwerks responds:

Brand Recognition!?!?!?!?!?

but seriously, thanks for the 5 :)
We try not to disappoint!

Excellent work

This is probably one of the most interesting sci-fi show. The ocmputer is just as intertaining that the one in Hitchiker Guide. Very fluent to. Keep up the good work and look forward to the next chapter.

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Oct 15, 2011
2:40 PM EDT
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