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I made this in a day and half as a challenge and design exercise for myself. I basically wanted to take metroidvanias and distill them to their purest form.

I'm posting it here just to see what others think, so please let me know!

You can find more of my quickly-made games at damiansommer.tumblr.com

WASD or Arrows - Move & Jump
M - Mute/Unmute

The songs I used can be found here (In order of appearance):
We Look So Pretty Today by SkyLabrynth: http://bit.ly/o6drTt
Kraid (Metroid) by Random: http://bit.ly/n5jOmj
The Gears Go (Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin) by greatspaceadventure: http://bit.ly/pNScVs
Geothermal (Cave Story) by ZeroPass: http://bit.ly/oo1tPA
liczhaus wpizdu by mellow-yellow: http://bit.ly/oLgbIl

All songs used under Creative Commons licenses.


i'm giving you a 9 because...

because it has the word "literacy" in the title. I HATE LITERACY!

Oh hai.

Fuck that was hard. Suggestion: Add a Level Editor if you want to make this game last longer. It would be really apreciated :D

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Ugh, did it, that was...

This game is quite hard as soon as you reach the levels with the flickering red backgrounds, the last level took me quite a while but i did it, i dont like the rave music though...

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the design is impeccably minimalist

The learning curve is a perfectly pitched study of learning curves.
The graphics and movement are perfectly efficient and responsive.
The interpretations of classic layouts are canny and accurate.
The level crosscrosscross is clearly impossible, god damn it.

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Short and sweet

Had fun the entire short time. Game play was simple and efficient. The first 'The End' was nice, and the super rave level actually made me laugh. Crosscrosscross presented a little bit of a challenge.
For a 10 minute quickie, it really hit the spot.

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3.90 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2011
12:30 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle