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I made this in a day and half as a challenge and design exercise for myself. I basically wanted to take metroidvanias and distill them to their purest form.

I'm posting it here just to see what others think, so please let me know!

You can find more of my quickly-made games at damiansommer.tumblr.com

WASD or Arrows - Move & Jump
M - Mute/Unmute

The songs I used can be found here (In order of appearance):
We Look So Pretty Today by SkyLabrynth: http://bit.ly/o6drTt
Kraid (Metroid) by Random: http://bit.ly/n5jOmj
The Gears Go (Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin) by greatspaceadventure: http://bit.ly/pNScVs
Geothermal (Cave Story) by ZeroPass: http://bit.ly/oo1tPA
liczhaus wpizdu by mellow-yellow: http://bit.ly/oLgbIl

All songs used under Creative Commons licenses.


Good Game .......


Nice Puzzle Platformer with incresing difficulty levels and good ramdom music.

Cons: You have to play by instint sense like spiderman hero does cause game timer will pressure you gamer to play in precission with the obstacles you may encounter.

I reached so far the level with the title "Mini Story" . I found this level a true challenge cause 100 seconds are like a time attack against the clock to find keys and arrows then you realize you need to jump so high at my opinion an imposible height to get a snail at the top of the very right edge corner of the level. Frustrating .

Despite the Cons Factor Game is fun and so full of challenges . I like it!!!

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Good game.

This is a pretty fun, and addicting game, but I don't know if you actually made this, I've seen it before. It's still a good game, though. Background graphics maybe?

DamianS responds:

2nd level: "A Game About Game Literacy by Damian Sommer."

My username: DamianS

If you check @DamianSommer on twitter, you'll note I've posted about this game several times.

If you check the website in the author comments, you'll note that under this game there is a link to here.

So yeah, I made the game :)

i can't make it past "ignore"

there's just not enough time, i don't understand

DamianS responds:

Try jumping.

This Game is cool!

I just cANT GET PAST SUPERT HAPPY RAVE TIME. The game is still awomse by the way!

P.S. sorry for random capitals!

Well, that was actually quite fun

All the way to the end, the game had me acting on instinct, whilst still trying to think. Prioritize was my favorite puzzle because of it's instant difficulty, I literally only had 1 second left when I completed. I'm also proud to say I only lost once, [not including the last level, in which I've died 14 times.] And I am not waiting for the timer to finish, there's gotta be more. Right? D:

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3.90 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2011
12:30 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle