Do your balls hang low

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This is the first animation to go with my first single release from my new album, Songs to take a dump to.

As usual, as it's a Koit animation, contains cartoon nudity - and so if you are easily offended, please do not watch.

You can download the song from iTunes / Amazon - links are at the end of the animation.

As a bonus, there is an English Country Garden Mix of this song, that can also be downloaded.


What did I watch?

Looking at the time I though I would enjoy some crude immature humor.
I am disappointed, crude yes, humorous no. Well the song is nothing new and I did find it funny as a kid, but this flash lacks anything that makes it stand out. Forced humor isn't funny.

I think only reason this animation hit the front page is because it is crude instead of being actually funny.

koit responds:

I would say each to their own on humour.

Having said that, this was a fair review that wasn't personally attacking or scathing for the sake of it. So thanks for that much.

Dat hammer....

I honestly cringed at that one. Moderately funny video all around.

A good animation isn't based on quality

Usually, an animation can be good no matter what by it's idea and plot, but I didn't really catch anything of that in this animation. Even though the song and art was ok, it wasn't really overall entertaining, cause I expected a more unique flash with fresh ideas. All I saw was some guy with a long ball sack doing random stuff to it. Next time, try thinking of something more creative.

koit responds:

I will do.

I always try to create new ideas and to be fair, my back catelogue of animations proves that I innovate and don't copy. However, occasionally I like to ride on easy street. So I did my own version of the song and animated to it.

I like the results, so it worked for me. I understand however that it's not everyone's perfection.


Immature and yet hilarious.

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not bad

animation was pretty funny dude, song's almost worth buying

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koit responds:

Almost ?

Go on, you know you want to. ;)

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2.88 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2011
5:47 AM EDT
Comedy - Original