Do your balls hang low

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This is the first animation to go with my first single release from my new album, Songs to take a dump to.

As usual, as it's a Koit animation, contains cartoon nudity - and so if you are easily offended, please do not watch.

You can download the song from iTunes / Amazon - links are at the end of the animation.

As a bonus, there is an English Country Garden Mix of this song, that can also be downloaded.



dude,is a bit gay, but funny.sadly. not enough to laso+hit them>? why???. awesome song.

Awesomely Disturbing

This is Hilarious, but the animation was a bit bad so 9/10. I loved it though :D


lololololololo thats funey dud

Good old-school Newgrounds!

Sheesh, some people need to lighten up and have sense of humor! I found this hilarious! As a heterosexual man, I did not feel threatened or offended by highly unrealistic depictions of scrotums. Maybe it's because I'm secure with my sexuality, I dunno. And besides, when was Newgrounds known for being the pinnacle of high brow humor? There's been a lot of music videos of this styling, just maybe not as well made! Not every video on here has to be a pretentious art "film" or include cutesy anime characters. There's a place for everything on Newgrounds, and dare I say, this is the first thing worthy of front page on Newgrounds in a very long time. Thank you for bringing Newgrounds back to its roots, if only for a little while :-)

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koit responds:

For what it's worth, I agree with your sentiments.

I am both pleased that this was front paged and disappointed in how it's been generally received (if these reviews are anything to go by)

But ultimately, I made this for me and my puerile base humour - others should lighten up and just enjoy the stupidity and filth of it all.

Thanks ZombieBob for restoring my faith in attitude.

Also, thanks to whoever front paged it.


this is disturbing,including the hammer part *__*

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Oct 14, 2011
5:47 AM EDT
Comedy - Original