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When all the facebook vs. Google+ stuff started, and people kept bitching about useless redesign features, I kept imagining the major social hub sites as characters and their personalities formed in my head really easily. I mean, when you think about it, they all have distinct 'personalities'. Anyhow, here's the result of my dicking around.


Can't say much at all.

...other than this is completely relevant to the revolving world going 'round and 'round. Myspace: forcefully dying. Facebook: making changes to be a well secured social media site. Google: trying to remake and become friends with Facebook without taking it's name (of course, if Google really wanted to be friends with Facebook without resorting to G+, they could always friend them on Facebook). Twitter and Youtube were both mentioned, but Twitter it's more to-the-point type of social media and Youtube is out there with just....media.

That's the thing though, you try to keep things relevant within your comedic animations and, in my eyes, that just ruins the fun of it. Yes, I got a few cackles out of the penis jokes (then again, who on newgrounds wouldn't), but other than that, it's just the same politically forward type of comedy over and over again whenever a thing that actually has to do with the world is discussed. See, it's kind of like the President of the U.S. right now, Obama. People bang down on him with all these useless political features that he's been trying to add to make America "a more suitable environment to live in," but most people actually see around all that and make a few black guy jokes here and there (sorry if I offend anybody, just putting a point across).

So yeah, to sum it all up: this little short, although grounded to reality if you're looking for something like that, comes up standing at my stomach of expectations, and all it's making that stomach do it churn, making it long for a few irrelevant knocks on the door of that sweet, sweet non-political media humor that, most people nowadays not only long for, but strive for; trying to recreate the humor in their own image. Where has that gone to?

What is the big deal?

I really didn't understand what was so great about this video. It was decently funny, but anything but clever.


except google+ takes all your personal information and lets it across the internet, have fun being hacked by err one

Good ending

I like the ending after the credits .

So very good flash its sure but a little bit too short , could use a better graphic . some white wall its dull and it get a little bit tedious .

The character are well drawn , the voices perfect and its a little bit funny . I like the idea that you put the different big social website into character... kudo.

A good flash but doesnt not desire to be on the Top 50

Not too shabby

Pretty decent work. Not the funniest, but decently laughable.

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Oct 14, 2011
12:28 AM EDT
Comedy - Original
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