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Sputnik Blitzkrieg

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Sputnik Blitzkrieg is a tower defense game featuring 3 enemy types at 5 levels each, 30 levels in all and 10 weapon upgrades; rifle, plasma cannon, shotgun, minigun, rocket launcher, pulse beam, laser canon, EMP grenades, rocket pods and autorepair device. The goal of the game is to survive all 30 enemy waves so your satellite can broadcast the information it needs to.

Use the mouse to aim and click and hold the left button to shoot. If you destroy two or more enemies in under one second, your combo counter will be incremented, multiplying your score. At the end of the game, you can then submit your score to the highscore table. While in game, you can switch between weapons if you bought any using the keys 1 through 8. You can also pause by pressing P, toggle music with M and toggle sound with S. At the end of an enemy wave, you'll receive some credits and the weapons store will be shown. You can upgrade your weapons or armor up to level 5 or repair your damages, as well as buy other weapons. New weapons will be available for purchase as you defeat more enemy waves.

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Not a bad game.

There a little cheat/glitch

If you hold down the right mouse button and move the crosshairs off the screen while still holding down the button, you can let go of the right mouse button and the satellite will continue firing as if the button is still being pressed. Then you just move the crosshairs around until the wave ends and then click the screen again to disengage it so you can upgrade/buy weapons from the shop. Then at the start of the wave, repeat the first steps again. Makes the game a little too easy, especially when you have the side mounted rocket pods maxed out.

It's allright.

It's fun nut it seems to lack an addictive property. It's just to little action for to little reward. Like I said it's fun for a bit. It just dosen't quite hold my attention. I must say the music is fantastic though! I would simply make the enemies faster a from the start and make the kamikaze ,but also buff the gun at the start faster one shot kill until later rounds introduce the shooting units that take more than one hit.

Credits & Info

4.03 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2011
10:36 AM EDT