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Zomdemic II

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The goal of the game is to zombify or kill the whole world. There are 24 countries. Countries will fight back with their armies and shut down to protect themselves. Zombies spread by land, sea, and air. Upgrade your zombies using the upgrade tab to make them more dangerous. Upgrades are in a skill tree with weapons being beneath the tree. Weapons only upgrade killing power while skill tree upgrades the way zombies spread and killing power. To check on the world status click "world info" from the in game menu. To navigate around the map click and drag it. The 3 small circles are game speed. Points are gained on humans killed and time passed.
To change the map (from satellite to cartoon and back) use the in game menu


I love this game. It has the same game play as the pandemic games, but with a zombie twist. I love it. I like the music, even though it was repetitive. The graphics could use some improving like allowing us to use the 3D map as a means of gaining info like the original map would be great. The evolution of the zombies and their ablities to gain intellegence and using weapons was genuis. I hope that you continue to either add on to this game or make others like it. You now have a fan for life my friend. Keep up the good work. PS. To those who are thinking this and I know some of you are. I am not kissing anyone's butt. or brown nosing. This is truely how I feel.

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Great game, some minor glitches...

For anyone saying this is a rip-off of Pandemic II, well, it is similar, but the thing si, if you think he can just "borrow" some code from it, you lack knowledge to do anything. This guy made a pretty good game. The problem lies with some minor glitches like me not being able to upgrade the brains and such.

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RubberDuckyProduct responds:

Thank you. People discrediting my coding is frustrating. Not like I care, the company paying me 120k starting nov 1st. Knows what is up.

Pandemic 2

Like pandemic 2, but still great.

This seems VERY familiar.....

Now, the reason I give you a score of 0 is because this seems to be a blatant and shameless rip-off of Pandemic 1 and 2.

And you may ask "Where did you get such a crazy idea?"

Well, I've played both the Pandemic Games.

You used the same music, the same interfaces and menus, the same everything. About the only things you DID change were the upgrades and the game itself, but only by name.

Now, far be it from me to call you a thief, but this game feels like you copied and pasted it from somewhere else and changed the name so you wouldn't get caught.

Is there anything that can be done to fix this?

Honestly, no.

The only way you could've gotten a higher score would have been to add something of your own into the game. Or better yet, making a completely new game that didn't "borrow" so heavily from Pandemic 1 & 2.

Final Verdict: 0/10

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RubberDuckyProduct responds:

You clearly haven't played pandemic. The music I made in garage band. Also you have no idea what you are talking about. I made this game over the course of the week. I cannot use any of pandemics graphics, algorithms, or interface because I cannot access the code. I am sorry You like to hate like never before but I advise you to keep your mouth shut before looking like a grumpy dick.

Good concept

After completing the speed tree and learning karate, I can't develop any more, there's something wrong with that.

I like your concept, but I must admit that after a little time it gets boring, maybe some animations or a little bit more complexity.

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2.71 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2011
7:12 PM EDT
Strategy - Other