Fight At Gym Class

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Author Comments

I actually made this based on my classmates and friends . . Also there's Raymond and Me and we always test our strength to see who's the strongest at Gym Class . . That's when the idea came to my mind . . Every character in this animation exists in real life . .

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Clearly this was ultimately made for your friends but for whatever you're planning to do next time, if you do anything else that is, I would suggest more context, and something that can appeal to others. As for the animation, it's not amazing, but it's certainly passable and not ugly by any means. Buuuut because it's passable and not AMAZING, the fighting isn't particularly entertaining, and that's the only value it would have to an audience of people other than your friends. One of the things I noticed is the part where one of them was breathing, and you just used a tween, I'd recommend spending just a few more minutes drawing out another two frames, to make it look a bit ... well better. But regardless well done, and I can't say I don't wanna see more from you.

Some guys fight

We've all seen this one before. You have some guys, and they fight for no reason. That's pretty much it.

XiruX responds:

I didn't really focus on the "Story" i just focused on animating strong characters fighting . . That was the whole point of the animation . . Using my talent is all . .

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4.86 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2011
3:42 PM EDT