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Friendship is Poopy

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Author Comments

The only reason I'm keeping this is because its my most viewed movie. Why?


roger ebert says "a modern masterpiece of medical science. it has changed the way doctors view health and patient safety around sharp objects. 2 outta 8"

time magazine calls it "fuck you", and "... get out of my house you know i dont like black people in my house. shoo!"

and my dad calls it "a real good time with my son. i hope to watch it with him during one of our slumber parties."

Wegra responds:

Oh this reviews a keeper


Wegra responds:

No shit sherlock

The only thing I liked was Yaplap. I mean, I have a message to the haters and the general population, we bronies watch the show because it's good. Right Wegra? (You said you were brony) It's more gender neutral. It has character flaws, it's well written. But seriously, this is horrible. How is it supposed to appeal to anyone?!

Many female proÂ-tagÂ-oÂ-nists share simÂ-iÂ-lar issues across the genÂ-res. They donâEUTMt have meanÂ-ingÂ-ful female relaÂ-tionÂ-ships, they are genÂ-erÂ-ally borÂ-ing, mild in temÂ-peraÂ-ment, with few interÂ-ests hobÂ-bies or pasÂ-sions that drive them outÂ-side of their great romance. But hereâEUTMs where My litÂ-tle Pony excels. Each Pony has their own strong perÂ-sonÂ-alÂ-iÂ-ties and interÂ-ests. And each of those perÂ-sonÂ-alÂ-iÂ-ties have to interÂ-act with each other. So the prissy fashÂ-ion designer, RarÂ-ity, has to learn how to love the counÂ-try bumpÂ-kin, AppleÂ-jack. How does the painfully shy FlutÂ-terÂ-shy learn to build a good relaÂ-tionÂ-ship with the fiesty, brave, cool RainÂ-bow Dash? And how does all six wildly diverÂ-gent perÂ-sonÂ-alÂ-iÂ-ties all navÂ-iÂ-gate a six-way friendship?
This is what makes the show so watchÂ-able. It adds depth and makes the charÂ-acÂ-ters relatÂ-able and lovÂ-able. BranchÂ-ing out and creÂ-atÂ-ing charÂ-acÂ-ters that exist outÂ-side the tropes and archtypes. Mix your charÂ-acÂ-ters up. Give them pasÂ-sions, dreams, goals, perÂ-sonÂ-alÂ-ity. Most of all âEU" give them a great range of deep charÂ-acÂ-ters around them with their own perÂ-sonÂ-alÂ-iÂ-ties, pasÂ-sions, dreams and goals and weave into your story like a really rich tapestry.

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Wegra responds:

You mind translating this shit into english? I can't understand a word you just said

how can nobody find this fucking hilarious?! XD

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Wegra responds:

Well at least you idd

Oh dear god that was terrible. You get a half a star for pity alone. Now I'm supposed to be constructive, so you may want to work on the animation just a tiny, miniscule amount...

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Credits & Info

1.46 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2011
12:07 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody