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Fish Puncher!

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The backwater swamps of Mississippi is where you'll find ol' Mungo Buckwheat Junior 3rd.

When the Naughty Sheriff steals Mungo's chicken drumstick Mungo becomes very upset and releases his rage by punching a dead fish.

Will Mungo ever get his finger lickin' chicken drumstick back?

-Turbo xxx


This cartoon was made to warm your hearts in these oncoming winter months.

It started out as a spam stick-man movie but I stumbled across a way to do a "double-bob" walk cycle so I made the stick-man fat, gave him a hat, and called him Mungo. He eventually evolved into the twat you are about to watch.

This cartoon was originally called "The Fish Puncher Of Mississippi (1845)" but the text-field just couldn't handle the truth, so the title was abridged to the more succinct but no less charming "Fish Puncher!"

Hopefully I can squeeze out another cartoon before the end of the year and I might even try to do a short thing for the NG Halloween contest, so I should have at least 1 more crap cartoon out before before 2012.

Oh, and special THANKYOUs to Vibe-Newgrounds and Tomppah for the cheeky ditties!!

Anyhoo, must dash! These crap cartoons don't animate themselves y'know!


-Turbo xxx.


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGfqr1Zrkb77w0Tx1EpLyJQ

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I love how weird all of your animations are.

Taking a diarrhea dump in my ears and eyes...

I was disturbed... However, compelled to not look away.

Animation is great! Reminds me of a demented Disney film with more cuteness!

Differant but amusing

First of all the "ANIMATION" was very good it ran very smooth, so that was a nice effort on getting some nice animating across, I like how you went on and above on this one, not just with the animating but the content and going beyond the normal, the amusing part is with the guys head comming off that was pretty entertaining, There was alot going on on this cartoon i did get confused with the story abit because of everything going on and such, This was such an entertaining flash, great voices and good art to go with so nice job all around on this one, i really liked it and hope others like it as much as i did, only issue was that the story tended to get abit confusing but was ok.

The story was getting confusing with everything going on, maybe slowing the story down just a tad,