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Cock Game

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Author Comments

Something is amidst in the town of New Jersey. A hero for the chickens and someplace to call home! Insert grammatically correct sentence here. Below a low bok, and snicker to the the antics of his four clawed friends as they plan a great street heist.

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this makes me wanna go out and kill people! not really, but its good


And I also love cocks, so you got my 5!



...and then?

so a chicken costumed guy jumps to a half-assed music... and then? I've seen your names somewhere before i just cant recall where or why. Wait no, now i remember. Sigh, why you came back? why you dont leave NG for good? Why you keep pestering people with half-assed flash.
For once tho, the animation is ok. the music doesnt rip my eardrums apart (about freakin' time you stop doing that.) and the loop does loop without overlapping the previous part.
Oh and the way you put the epileptic syndrome away is a very good thing.

make this a real flash, make this a bit more original, make yourself proud for a change.

You know what? i'm glad this doesnt include a flashing screen, screaming noise and a random penis. you guys evolved, at last! is what i'd like to say to all your future animations, flash, games, etc, too.

btw, why is there only 1 costume and only 4 real chicken? and whats with the animation title?

This is a good start.

I like the fact that it is a parody; and I like that it shares a similar play on words that the flash animation you are parodying has. The idea, here, is a good one. I feel, however, that the animation could have been pushed further. Perhaps if there was a bit more content to add substance to your parody, it would be a little more well received by the community.

I would have liked to see a storyline that is similar to that of the original flash as I think it would really bring this parody to life and emphasize the points you thought were a bit silly.

I appreciate the simplicity and flat color of the animation. It greatly contrasts that of the complex shading and animation of "Pussy Game".

I wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors.