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MLP Friendship Is Tragic2

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Author Comments

Edit: just to declare, I'm a fan of the show with a very immature sense of humour. Sue me (I'd prefer it if you didn't though).

HEY, before you vote 0, listen up: the next two flashes I've submitted are a parody and are making fun at the fanbase as well as the show. I'd hope most people watching can take it into good humour - the "haters" of the show get to laugh at the fans and the fans get to laugh at what's going altogether. I did make these parodies for both the fans and those that just don't care for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

If you've seen the first part, well yeah, this is the second. It makes more fun of the show than the fanbase so watch and hopefully you'll get a kick out of it.

I'll try to respond to all reviews.



This was hilarious. BUT you get a 9 because Applejack is best pony and you killed her, you ass. >:(

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Mechabloby responds:

oh shit man it was an accident she was at the top of the staircase and the next moment it was all just a blur oh man oh man shit shit shit can you ever forgive me oh no why


Good thing there is author comments there though otherwise people would probably just assume you are mocking the ponies and such and I see you did an album based on the show so nice to see a fan of the show who also did a pretty cool experimental MLP album do a mock parody of the show and fans like this too.

The content here was great and nice to see that even on still frames that the character's body frame is always on a looped tween of sorts making it looking the animation is moving forward at all times. Really humorous parody of everything of sorts though so it's enjoyable to me anyways.

The animation here was humorous and I like how you just mocked all the ponies. As for Twilight wearing glasses and then having the Japanese text on screen, the reference seems familiar but I don't recall from where. Hilarious how she whined that she was not invited to Pinkie's party but it sounds an awful lot like she wanted her coming to it and then telling her to screw off because she ignored her questions.

Hilarious how moments later that Twilight whines the others are mean. The party scene was funny with them all doing drugs and getting high. I thought Rainbow Dash smoking the cigarette was humorous. In the same scene I would have laughed if the panties lead to an alternate scene of Rainbow Dash doing something else at the part with Pinkie and Fluttershy. Also laughed at Rarity outside puking, guess she just can't handle the partying at all.

The voice acting was nice here and pretty funny. I guess you did all of them yourself right? Nice work on them though so humorous indeed.

Overall, good humorous parody. Enjoyable.

Mechabloby responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

The Twilight Sparkle scene where she's wearing glasses was just a little in-joke I had with a friend about hipsters and the japanese text was a little nod to Battle Royale (there's a few scenes where a black screen is used and text is used to elaborate on a character's emotions). Thank you for the review and I'm pleased you enjoyed it. :)

A quick little edit: if you're curious, for series 2, I am working on a new Equinophobia album with more glitched beats and whatnot. :) Again, thanks for the review :)

Very interesting.

Same as last time:

I thought it was funny how you has little inserts to every charachter with their stereotypes whilst having it in a story line. I particularly liked the one with Pinkie Pie at the beginning. I wouldn't say any were bad but that pinkie pie one made me laugh hehe. HOW DARE YOU DISRESPECT FLUTTERSHY! SHE NO DO BROHOOF! GRRRRR

Seemed fine in this one, no complaints.

Animation and drawings:
Now I know you said those changing warbles were intentional but this is me and they do bug me. It just seemed inconsistant even though it was intentional.
I also picked up that the pinkie pie looks completely different in the 2 "angle shots" that you did, where as Twilight looked pretty much the same. Just something there.

Extra notes:
I loved how they seemed to have bags under their eyes, that was pretty funny to be honest. The little things like the weird brohoofing and the way they would talk made me giggle. In all honesty for me this was actually very humerous and I got a few kicks out of it. . Love your referencing and the godspeed. It all worked very well. .

What games was that cheat code for? xD

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Mechabloby responds:

I was trying to get one pinkie pie to look dopier than the other. Nothing much I can do about the animation and how the wobbles change speed in places. I wanted that there and I don't want to change it. :)

Glad you got a kick out of this one too. The cheat code was just made up. :c

Again, thanks for your reviews. :)

i dont this is all about

I agree with toontown1 What is this? It seems like someone was smoking EXREMELY hard, and this is what there seeing.... Did you hack jesus' brain?

Mechabloby responds:

oh man i cant even rit noww

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Credits & Info

3.43 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2011
6:57 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody