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Edit: just to declare, I'm a fan of the show with a very immature sense of humour. Sue me (I'd prefer it if you didn't though).

HEY, before you vote 0, listen up: the next two flashes I've submitted are a parody and are making fun at the fanbase as well as the show. I'd hope most people watching can take it into good humour - the "haters" of the show get to laugh at the fans and the fans get to laugh at what's going altogether. I did make these parodies for both the fans and those that just don't care for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

Also I think I've improved quite a bit on my animation and flash drawings, so yeah, sort of pleased with this one. I split the flash into two parts because the .fla was at such a huge filesize (I don't even know how but go with me on this one) that I struggled to open it up in flash.

Anyway, if you love or hate the show, I hope you get a kick out of these parodies. This part does make fun of the fanbase. I'll try to respond to all reviews.


I love rainbow dash and vinyl scratch

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Umm... What?

I don't even understand what was supposed to have happened

I am so lost.....

what am i watching damnit tell me!

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Pretty good.

Okay, well for the most part this was actually really good. I'll break this down as I would normally:

Short, but it worked and I kept following it all the way through. It made me giggle. Not much more to add there, I like those little references that you put in there too. For me it just added a little more to it. (Dark humour is always growing on me)

Animation and drawings:
I thought that jumping man was funny seeing as he's old but somehow he has the energy to get to the toy store (not dissing old people). I didn't like the fact that I saw the word "c*nt" on the sun. . Dunno how I missed that befre, but unless that meant something. . it just seemed a little un needed for me. You know I like your warbles and this was no different, though I felt that this time it was a little to defined in terms of movement. . That's not a bad thing, I just prefer when you had those really quick and think warbles in each frame HUR HUR DUBSTEP! Nothing wrong, just something on a personal level.

Now I never picked this up when I was listening on the TV as everything unless headphones are plugged in comes out in mono. I noticed the sound comes oput of the left speaker, this is also apparrent in some of your songs. . like that one where you only used your voice. . I think something's wrong there but youi can easily sort that out, though for me it is quite off putting.
I also noticed that in some diologue there was "static", as if you chopped the dialogue up into words and stuff. . Did you put it into Slicer? Just wondering. For me it sounds like that clicking noise. . Also I can hear when you change voice from clip to clip. . That's not a bad thing, but it's something I picked up.
The sound in terms of me hearing it was fine, nothing to complain about there. I could follow it quite easily.

More notes:
For the most part it was good, very funny for me. You know my humor and this stuff is weirdly funny. . There is probably some old man out there that can relate to this flash. . oh god wtf.

For me it was good but 2 little things let you down. . I should have picked up on the c*nt thng earlier but that seemd to have slipped my eyes. Good work Oliver. . I know this took a long time and for me it paid off.

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Mechabloby responds:

Glad you noticed the energetic old man - I had the intention of having that as a silly little thing. The "cunt" on the sun was just a silly spur of the moment thing, as well as the adverts at the toy shop saying "shit a dick" and "shit toys £1". I think it's all innappropriate and that's why I felt like including it - I wanted a lot of my immaturity to come into this project.

The wobbly figures might seem a bit too refined but I tried making it cleaner than my previous works so that's probably why. A lot of people are mentioning the sound only comes out of the left speaker - not too sure why but that's one of the few things that isn't intentional. I didn't put my vocals into a slicer either so all of the clicking or static is simply what the microphone picks up when I'm not talking. That, or it's just transitioning from one sound clip to another.

I'm still glad you found it humorous and that you enjoyed it though. Thanks for the review - I really appreciate it. :)

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Oct 9, 2011
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