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Silent Hill:Distant Scars

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THIS GAME HAS BEEN CANCELLED: Konami has lost my respect I have scrapped this project completely.

Head back into Silent Hill playing a familiar character and find out about their dark past. There are events that took place before harry masons arrival to silent hill. You try to escape the dephs of hell yet no matter how hard you try, you go deeper and deeper into the darkness.

Someone is waiting for you ...... in Silent Hill.

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Does anybody know of any flash games like this?

Da feels a truly amazing silent hill fan/flash game fantastic art I played the demo pretty decent at first but nothing to do in it other then to see areas oh and another thing FINALLY! A PERSON ON NEWGROUNDS THAT MAKES A DEMO AND ACTUALLY FINISHES THE GAME! :D IVE SEEN DEMOES FROM 2004 AND THEIR STILL NOT DONE! THANK YOUUU!

Look I get you tried to get a SH feel out of this but it falls pretty flat for a few reasons, and those few reasons also lead to bad game design choices.

For example, when you get the red key you lose the bobby pin, which removes the chance to go back there until it shows up in your inventory, this feel less fun and more like your a DM railroading me rather then me exploring. The enemies are all pointless you can easily skip them with out ever shooting them, I suggest you remove the arrows to give the damn things a point.

Enemies respawn in the same place, even when it feels stupid for them to. Look I shot the dog, let it stay dog, spawn one on some different screen rather then in the same place after I leave, it just make trekking back more of me clicking the arrow faster to rather then me looking at your Okay artwork.

Now the few things I like.

The intro was okay, better then most flash horror games that don't try.
The puzzles wasn't complete bullshit, which is refreshing for a change.
The okay artwork you draw is nice to look at and feels like you put some effort into it.

Lastly the ending I want to say.

Wasn't shocking or anything, but felt more tact on.

a 2/5 or a 4/10 if you like the old scale.

absolutly love the game, best point and click game iv played. but how do i get it full screen????

lifesadream52 responds:

Thanks for playing! Im not sure you should be able to see a icon to expand the game :)

im a huge silent hill fan and i have to say that was awesome, i cant wait for the next installment.

lifesadream52 responds:

Thank you!