Breakout - The Game

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Bounce the ball against the blocks and try to score as many points as possible! Use the arrow keys to play ;)



You don't give time for getting ready, I mean, I have to scroll down to center the game, but by the time i do that i have already lost like 3 lives, and then while clicking and everything i can't get to play it! ; you should really make and opening.
Also you could have made it more original.

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RubbyDubbyNinja responds:

dont worry im workin' on loader :) did you read pong- the game

For your age

I am going to have to go with *alienatedcannibal* on his response.

It isn't that bad for your age also, keep learning and I bet you'll get far.

-Openings are usually nice to have.
-Make more room for the player @_@
-Not an original idea but your learning.
-Try to learn how to import soundwave files
-Make a menu and a pause button too.

Anyways redevelop it you still have time don't just quit yet, keep learning your stuff. It takes time to become good. Unless your Tom... he is another story...

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RubbyDubbyNinja responds:

Preloaders? hmn....maybe ya
Room? size is fine :)
Import? I know how
Menu? Sure :)
Idea? umm....just learning to show ng that i can be better
Well, there all the updates I've be doing for this room size is ok, idea i just trying to the basics :)


I like the concept (reminds me of Arkanoid and similar games from back in the day) but it just jumped right in there didn't it? Try a count down or something (3, 2, 1, GO!) cause I automatically lost a life without seeing the ball before it was too late. Also, I found that after you click "Play" to start (cause it's still under judgement) you have to click again before you can even move with the arrow keys. Add a preloader/playbutton and that should fix the problem.

2/5 (cause the insta-death, no opening, no sound)
7/10 Nostalgia (would have been 10 except the reasons above)

Work on it to make it more awesome and resubmit as "new and improved".. lol

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RubbyDubbyNinja responds:

Ya i will being fixing glitch when you start up i've put a preloader in it ;)

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1.64 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2011
12:11 AM EDT
Skill - Other