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My Dr. Who Fan Fiction

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Oct 7, 2011 | 11:20 AM EDT

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Author Comments

this is my second fan fic!

it is 3924 frames long and 178 seconds! please watch it if u LOVE DOCTOR WHO LIKE ME



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Props for the Wilhelm Scream!!! :D

uh.... other than that, I don't see anything really redeeming about this.... except for Tenny.... other than that....

Sorry, just my opinion. I suggest you don't use pics next time, or possibly do a more thorough job with the cutting out. And not so much zoom!! It makes the pics look all pixely and the pictures become unidentifyable. I looked away for a moment and looked back and it took me about 15 seconds to realize I was looking at David Tennant's FOREHEAD.


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3924 frames and 178 seconds too long...

This is a flash site. I guess I was wrong when I figured I would see something really creative and animated... not cropped pictures and a plot that makes no sense. I know it's your second fan flick but do yourself and everybody else a favor and stop at two until you are better able to refine your skills.

I don't submit flash because I don't have the skill set to do anything worthwhile. I only wish that others would do the same as me and then we wouldn't have to be blamming anything...

I will give you props for doing a Dr Who theme...ish movie. Not many of those on here often enough and good use of music. That's a killer tune. You just need to do better with creativity of the storyboard and please have something that makes sense. Fabio? Amy Pond with the Tennant Dr? What the heck? Made no sense and that voice acting sounded like a posessed 5 year old yelling into a mike. I could have handled it and given it anything as far as votes or stars if it at least had some form of being able to follow it instead of the long slow scroll in and then mayhem.

Keep working on your skills, keep reaching for those stars.

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cheese-man responds:

DONT TELL ME WAHT TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Bro i usally right fair and honest reviews so thats what im going to do this is without a doudt one of the worst videos that has been put on newgrounds in a long time not only dose it have no point its not even really a fan fic i mean really amy gets crushed by a darlec and the doctor is saved by fabio that dose not make a good fan fic even if you are making fun of the series dont half ass it at least put a little effort in to it thats like the people that put videos that are completley erelvent on differnt websites or rick rolling some one sure it may seem funny now but think of all the hate your going to recive from this video if you have any respect for newgrounds take this video down or refine it im not asking you to be frikin steven speilburg but just a little efort gose a long way oh and please dont reply in all caps that just makes you seem like a five year old

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cheese-man responds:



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dude make it better but the music is a good song and if it's the 11th doctor then y isn't the doctor wearing a bowtie


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too long, too slow, too bad

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