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Gold Mine 1

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The Gold Rush is back and you moved into the gold business to make some profit. You wanted to save as much as possible and put your own hands to work into the mining adventure. Sadly the elevator is not working and you are trapped inside your own mine surrounded by gold mining equipment. Find and replace the fuses to escape from the gold mine.

Click objects to interact with them. The cursor changes to a hand when you move the mouse over any clickeable object.

If you click an object and can't do anything then there is a previous action required to be taken.

To move between scenes just click on the edges of the screen.

If you want to read the walkthrough just click the "Walkthrough" link and scroll down the page until you see it.
"Solucion" link is the walkthrough in spanish.

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Like others have said. Frustrating. Colour and number clues were badly done.
Como los otros han dicho. Frustando. Las pistas por color y numero promblema fue mal hecho.

Easy, yet funny

like blue-seraph said "almost nothing in this game didn't make sense", that's true, most of the riddles made perfect sense!

This is a nice little Escape-the-room game, maybe a bit to easy for pro-gamers who only need a couple of minutes for the most difficult challenges of games like "Diamond Penthouse Escape" and others like that here on NG.

Since I'm just a part-time gamer I like "Gold Mine 1", it's funny and rather easy, so I could solve it myself, which cheered me up ;-)
Maybe it's a bit short, but it's worth a play in my eyes.

not rly worth the time

like TheRandomDot said almost nothing in this game didn't make sense... and I almost never write reviews, but this one got under my skin, doesn't deserve even the 4th daily place :/

Not bad

I don't mind that you make the player observe the environment very carefully to figure out the solutions to some puzzles. But when it's for color-combinations and combos on locks, at least give the player some idea what number/color to start with. Given 4 numbers/colors, the player can sit there and screw around for a while trying to figure out the right order. I happened to luck upon the correct order, but I could still see some getting frustrated by it. Some of the puzzles were a bit obtuse in trying to figure out...IE: didn't make sense. I found myself pixel-hunting at times just to figure out what to do next. Puzzle games are supposed to challenge your mind, not your patience. No one likes feeling like a moron, clicking around, then stumbling across some obtuse thing that they didn't think about clicking on. It's frustrating, and turns people off from these types of games.

Interesting game

This game was interesting and easy. It was first time when I completed this kind of game without any help :)