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Where's Your Country?

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Find all the countries on the world map!
Click and drag to move arond.
Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

Feedback is welcome guys!!!

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The Uk is wrong, it's called Great Britain. The Uk is both Britain and Irelands. Great game.

I played a game similar to this before which was equally as fun to play. Not just fun but educational too. Those african and south pacific countries are always a pain. A lot of potential here like a lot of people have already said. Continent mode would be awesome. Also a bit more time would be useful if we are in full earth mode just so we can actually get all countries if we were perfect in execution. Losing time because I need to zoom in to click on small countries is a pain. Or maybe you could find a way to grade on a timer or without a timer depending on what the player wants. Again... a lot of potential here. Great start.

Great concept, but I too had trouble with the cursor. Ruined a lot of the enjoyment for me, though I still enjoyed it enough to keep playing. ;-)

I really like the idea. It'd be a great game but the custom cursor is so slow to move that it's not very enjoyable. I would have rated much higher if you had just stuck with the default cursor.


Really like it, i'm going for flawless now, after getting highscore (I'm battievink in the score, almost 75,000 now) and beating myself over and over, 7 mistakes on last try, the west indies are pretty hard, with all those frigggin small islands sitting close together...
But as written below, You should make a mode for specific continents, I think most people are struggling with the african countries and when you keep 'dying' you can't really practise (learn) on those specific countries...
Also i've noticed that some countries are hard to click, especially Malta and Sao Tome, I really have to zoom in very close to be able and click them properly, while there are no other countries around, that bugs me.
Anyways, this writing is keeping me from going flawless!

Good Game m8, really appreciate this!

eidosk responds:

Great! congrats on your score... Yep I'll think about the continent mode. Maybe in the next game!