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Pong - The Game

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Mostly, it's fancy text and simple pong game :). There was nothing special in this you just try to get it to the other players area :). Prevent the ball from hitting you side a the screen, the first wins. Well, it's just like pong. Getting a point at the other players area :). UPDATE: Breakout - The Game now will have a loader when i uploaded! :)

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Well, it's Pong

It's pong, and you have a pretty good-working AI set-up. For a Flash game, you probably could've done a bit better, by like adding in different kinds of Pong games and such, but it's decent.

RubbyDubbyNinja responds:

Will, sorry i just wanted it i have did one in the past but it got blamed :( but i ng is ok with this. read my profile post there a new game coming out shortly ;)

not good

in fact, its worse than the original PONG

RubbyDubbyNinja responds:

Will, i just started making games for a change and started simple :) so i i did pong :) i jused did this for a few hours :) getting the font and tutorial on pong too :) so not the best but it's ok :)


Believe it or not I've seen worse Pong remakes.
Decent for a first game.

RubbyDubbyNinja responds:

You got man ;) it's simple to pass :)

Nothing new or interesting.

There's absolutely nothing new or interesting about this. You've just tried to prove that you can make something that already exist, in 1000' forms.

Plus, you gotta do some bugtesting on this. My ball got stuck in the lower edge and somehow bugged under it (then I cant see it, so maybe It went to space) and I lost because of this.

RubbyDubbyNinja responds:

Well, it rlly doesnt matter there was alot a pong console back in the 70s for the same thing ;) just watch what you are typing ;)


It's not the worst animation I've ever seen, but you made no effort to complete it in any way. Why even bother uploading it? Try animating some more, adding sound effects, possibly music from the audio portal, and a pre-loader never hurt anyone.

RubbyDubbyNinja responds:

Ok :)