Madness HAXimation

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Awesome sauce. Believe me, folks, this is much better than my LAST submition. Im finally done this, i hope you enjoy this action-packed awesomeness! =D



Does anyone knows Hank's middle name it starts with a J that's all I know

Hank-Wimbleton responds:


LOL is all i can say

LOL is the only word I can describe this.

Nice work

And as i get started on this submission entry, i found it entertaining it even gets better as it plays thru and such, Now while its just the start of things i think you really have something here, so keep going with that. There is some good potential in this movie, and i am really liking the vibe that flows with this, so dont lose track of that and really push this flash forward. First off nice menu here it was pretty interesting, i like the animation in it and it made it kinda nifty as a whole so nice little menu page intro thingie here, This was really short, so maybe adding more to it and or adding more short clips to this entry making it a longer more fuller flash submission, so its an idea, but as for this particular entry it was short and fast but i got a laugh out of it so it was kinda neat. nice effort aswell. After messing with this abit i found it to be a really decent and fun flash, allthough it did lack some stuff, it could still be better, So i have mentioned some ideas and even basic stuff that other flash like this one have so below in the improvments section may help good luck either way. and may all your flash-works comeout with as much effort as possible.

everything can allways be improved and or made better, may it be the little things so hope these small yet helpfull ideas help. So here i have added a few tips and advice on your submission, in hopes that you go with it and allow for more creativity throughout the whole flash, and in the end it will be a much better experience. The one thing about this was that it was too short and could either use a longer depth to it or could use other short animations with it, just something to think about when putting more quality to a short flash.

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4.41 / 5.00

Oct 6, 2011
5:32 PM EDT