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Demonrift TD

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Defend the kingdom of Emaeron from demonic surge all over the country!
Try this unique mix between Tower Defense and unique turn base strategy game.

King Imkael has fallen. The beloved king was killed in a gruesome battle, defending the last free city in the kingdom of Emaeron. Nothing could foresee this hellish invasion.

In Demonrift TD you are taking the role as Baroness Milena, commanding last stand of empire troops against the mysterious surge of demon armies throughout the empire vast cities.

Upgrade your troops, build and upgrade defended cities to help the empire army wages war against the demons, and start defending the kingdom now!

* Use the mouse to navigate, or optionally you can use keyboard to scroll the map in any direction when available.

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Very enjoyable, although it seems to get very cluttered, and just seems the game play can become very unorganized at times. But maybe that's just me. All in all, a very good game. Decent graphics, and game play mechanics. Sound was unmemorable though. Nice job.

One of the few TD games I'v played until the end, I like this style, same as "kingdom Rush".

Only comment is when camps get attacked, what are the parameters here? Seems like a random fight and what do the resources you pay have to do with it? Maybe instead be given an option to manually defend that camp (like a normal battle) would have been better.

Most excellent game! Solid scripting. Interesting story line. Simple and fun game mechanics. Cool art and music.

Sometimes the TOR misses to reach a target even though it has the WALL skill.

Protip: Quantity over quality is a wise tactic. TOR + ARCHERS = OWNAGE


It's been a while since I've played these kinds of TDs. And quite frankly, these kinds are rare.

I'm liking this game since it's quite challenging but of course, I saw some minor setbacks. The first thing that I noticed was the targeting system. As soon as I encountered flying units, I saw that the targeting system was somewhat.. off. Archers were sort of confused as to which unit they would like to attack. Also, I did not see some sort of target priority. Something like Archers to Flying units, Swordsmen to ground units, Knights to nimble units.

I noticed that some unit waves were a too close of an interval to each other. And that some wave combinations were too imbalanced.. unless of course you had the perfect strategic tower placement. I don't know if you did that on purpose or not but if you did it for challenging players, I really think that you could tone it down.. maybe a little. XD
I did like the unpredictability of wave movement. The way that you design two paths but the waves would just go through one path with the occasional "let's go to the other path coz that path's too mainstream" kind of thing. It was a nice touch.

Overall, it's a nice game. Would look forward to a sequel if there was. It was funny of you to highlight the word "strategically" in the tutorial. :D

its very difficult for me to find a game i like but this game really surprised me. this is a great game.