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Witch Pumpkin?

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This is my first flash game ever made.. I made it for the halloween competition with The Games Factory 2..

You have to collect pumpkins.. Instructions is in the game..

Hope you like it, and don't be scared to comment my game :)


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its okay for your first game. It was a little buggy such as dropping pumpkins outside your walking range so you cant catch them. I just noticed that you could click on the pumpkins to receive points. I feel that totally ruined the game and made walking around pointless. I was able to get up to 370 by just clicking on them without moving... Try to balance the game next time. Also sometimes spiders would spawn on top of the pumpkins which would mess you up.

PuTs responds:

Thank you for your review Sumo :)

Yes that is a small bug, when the pumpkin gets beside the gravestone.. But that is why you can use the mouse as well.. The same with the spiders on top of the pumpkins, you can easily click it, but it messes up your hand-eye coordination and possibly your game :) And it says in the instructions that you can use the mouse ;)

Thank you for playing my game Sumo :)

Good Job

i dont think its that bad, really with the fact that it`s your FIRST game, good job ;)
but it`s quite buggy and annoying, also try being more creative, not that i am, but im sure you can!!!

Over all its not too good, but not that bad either, Good Job :)

PuTs responds:

Thank you for your review SAK :)

Yessir, I know.. I entered it a little too fast hehe.. But now I've started on another game so I'm not gonna update this anyways.. Better luck next time :)

The idea was to make a game that is very simple, I love those kinds of games.. That's why I chose to do this simple collecting game..

Thank you for playing my game SAK..!


The graphics suck badly. White outline on comic. You copied off a comic maker software and sounds aren't good. Sorry but this game sucks bad!

PuTs responds:

Really? Dude... You really mean it deserves 1/10? I understand that most of the votes is under 4 or 5, but 1? Come on...! I've seen LOTS of games with MUCH more worse graphics than this..

I did not copy of a comic maker software no, I made it myself in a comic maker software.. You know, a program for making comics? Don't be mad at me because you can't get past the first witch, do NOT read the credits in my game and the fact that I figured out before you to use the maker..

Thank you for playing my game :)


Nice graphics, but game suffers from lack of the sounds. It's not anyhow innovative too and because of that it's boooring. And it's quite buggy too - the spider can fall of with the pumpkin at the same time, so we can't catch the pumpkin without touching the spider :S.

Sorry for English ^^'.

PuTs responds:

Thank you for your review..

Yes I know, there is no sound when you collect things, but if you turn up the speakers, you will hear some sound after a while ;) How long did you play it? It gets harder and harder with more witches.. You can use the mouse to click as well when you can't reach the other ones.. It says so in the help section ;)

Thank you for playing my game :)