Red Riding Hood TrueStory

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Red Riding Hood - True Story
Difference game in old-style classic drawings and sounds.
Click at least 5 differences in each pair of scenes to pass the level and watch the rest of the story unfold.
Find enough differences and you can unlock special bonus levels... and discover the real ending!


Good As They Come

I tried and tried but gave up after getting to 77. It's a good game, and I love the difficulty curve as well as the helpful cursor thing to help you find the differences. I only wish the normal cursor had been replaced by a similar circle to make finding differences easier still.

The artwork is really stunning; while I wasn't a big fan of the characters, the backgrounds really brought out the atmosphere and looked wonderful. The sound effects were also quite nice, and the music was pleasant as well. Unfortunately, they did get very repetitive after a while, and looking at the same 12 screens over and over really did a number on my eyes and my head.

Another criticism I have is that you have to re-find everything when you replay a level... And on a time limit, no less. Someone could just as easily write down the differences to find them again later, but you just had to reset it... When I just want to scrape up a few more points for the bonus levels, setting a high score is not my top priority. And even then, that wouldn't stop you from putting in a free-play mode AND a time run mode.

As these types of games go, it's really good, but kind of frustrating and boring after a while.

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3.42 / 5.00

Oct 6, 2011
4:28 AM EDT
Puzzles - Difference