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Author Comments

The flag is your key to the next level in this action puzzle platformer. Kill bosses, avoid hazards and take advantage of teleports to find your way to the end.

I was originally just practising art in the style of fbf animators/artists I looked up too when I first started using flash such as Skribble-Style and Dan Paladin out of excitement for Battleblock Theatre (google it if you've been living under a rock), but then it was starting to look like a game so I thought I might as well make something out of it!

It hasn't received great feedback everywhere, but I like the way this game has turned out. Maybe I will make a sequel withh improved graphics, controls and levels to keep you guys happy :)

Sponsored by ArmorGames.com
My blog/website thing: JoeWillmott.com


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Nice death sound XDDDDD

it's pretty cool. But i wish Up arrow key could be jump, and spacebar could be pick up/drop arrow. Perhaps an idea for any further versions.

Interesting enough

Something random and nice to play while boredom takes over. Very simple controlling, not hard to fallow through the directions.

The graphics is simple also, really love how the theme of it really fit together.

The music is upbeat and fits with the action with ease. Love the idea of the jingle whenever you go through the open door.

The obstacles were a nice touch. A little gore after getting killed gave it a spark that really made things fall in place.

Only issue I have is on the second boss I think. There seem to be a glitch that I couldn't seem to get past. (Or I may have no idea how to get past it anyways).

Not sure but very entertaining and really love the idea, keep it up!

Good Game

I think there is a problem with the second boss...when i jump on his head my dude dies instantly

not bad

its pretty good i just have to ask though, i found on several levels that you did not do it right you had to commit suicide by spikes or something to that extent or just sit there stuck; was that on purpose?

mooseisloose responds:

Thanks. You can also press "R" or click the R button in the bottom right to restart the level. I made sure to include spikes everywhere you can get stuck for those that didn't find the restart feature though :)