Lazy Writing 2

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I recorded and animated this over the past 4 days.

my youtube ):
http://www.youtube.com/la zypillow


This is REALLY lazy writing

But yeah, sweet art (I love your background sir) and i've smile, it's stupid animation and it's fine.

Frog clit... bwahahaha

Being a solo project, this was a pretty funny flash. The animation was fluid and colorful, however the voice acting was ok-ish and the final dramatic scene could've been funnier with a soundtrack instead of simple silence, I think.

Very well done, nonetheless.


(SPOILERS) This review is for the author. you have been warned... and served... word.

You really undersold yourself this time, Lazy. That wasn't lazy writing at all. I was seriously not expecting 3 separate surprises in this short but you managed to outdo yourself on every turn, and in the process actually contributed to SCIENCE!!!

The most recent scientists boiled down the formula for comedy to (Expectation X Betrayal = Humor) and this hit it out of the park 3 times! You may not have realized it but this could easily be one of your best. Let me break this down scientifically.

1)I've seen a lot of your shorts (I like the way they smell and sneak into your drawers when you're not at home : | .........) so often times your characters derive your style of comedy from drawn-out awkward dialogue with a bit of shock value. That was my expectation going into this short.

I thought the teacher was just simply going to obfuscate the issue of the frog's death, fail, then yell at the kid for being a whiny runt. Instead BULLET WOUNDS!!! BETRAYAL 1!

2)Then I expected the kid to get yelled at to the point of crying and get chased out of class, making this a cynical punchline about an exhausted teacher that didn't want to be there. Instead GUN FIGHT! MOTHERFUCKING GUN FIGHT! WITH FROGS!!!

3)Even after 2 I was still expecting the teacher to simply lose it on the kid and chase him away or make him cry, but then SECRET-FROG-INFILTRATION-YOU''LL-NEVE R-TAKE-ME-ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!

10 points, 5 stars, hole.... in one.

thanks for the laughs.

LazyMuffin responds:

It's under Lazy Writing mostly due to it not having plot or anything like that.
Thank you for the comment, makes me feel like I'm closer to being god!

Who would have known

seriously who expected that

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Covert frogs FTW

I wonder if there will be a sequel. There can definitely be more to this storyline.

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Oct 5, 2011
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