The Star Song

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uk email me for animation work.

I urge you to buy Fredde Gredde's Album. There's a link to it at the end of the video. It's great. I highly recommend.

I'm hoping that this video will get me more work, so if there's anyone watching who wants some freelance animation doing, don't hesitate to contact me. Click the contact link at the end of the video to email me or message me here or on YouTube.

Just click all the links, they're all full of good stuff. Visit my YouTube or Newgrounds channel for more animatory goodness and Fredde Gredde's for more musical goodness, and don't forget to subscribe!

Thanks to the Newgrounds team for helping and supporting me too. You guys are a life saver.

I'm exhausted. This video has taken me 3 months to make. I've learned a hell of a lot making it.

I look forward to reading your comments, I will read them all.

Megaloves from Oscar B

P.S Yay front page! Thankyou Newgrounds people! :D

Again, my email is oscar.baldwin@hotmail.co.
uk I need a new project


rainbows yeeaaah

This song...made me cry yes it did...made me laugh and cry at the same time Y U MAKE ME CRY!? I love this song, I had a dream like this once about ponies and rainbows, RAINBOWS YAAY. I like rainbows, they're so colorful you know. I love this and I love you, nice animation and rainbows and dog poo. wait what? oh woow I am so raadnom yeeaaah!!111!!!!! I like TomFulp, I like him so much you know...I love him yeeaaahh yaay rainbows.

nice animation, 5/5 10/10

*cough* sorry for the retarded comment haha

StudioGlitchNet responds:


I've heard this song's story before.

The story in the song is the same as the story you unlock piece by piece in Super Mario Galaxy in Rosalina's Library she reads this story to the Star Children (The Lumas) and it is actually the story of her roots and the origin of the Comet Observatory.

Don't believe me? While Fredde Gredde may not have noticed it this is the same story. Just look it up.

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stars are horrible mothers

good vid but cant help but think the mother star was not really looking for her kid. the kid star was putting up have you seen this star when his mother should have had posters like that up all over the place.

StudioGlitchNet responds:

haha Stars ARE terrible mothers. common knowledge

Too epic for words...

I don't know how to start... it was so amazing, majestic...beautiful... it really is a work of art. Your art style is also quite interesting...and the end particularly moved me, what can I say... I'm a" mommas boy" :) Excellent work dude, I salute you on your masterpiece! You may...have a cookie :)

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StudioGlitchNet responds:

A Whole Cookie!?

Brilliant and bittersweet! >W<

I really liked this vid! I liked the music too! >u> and don't think I didn't miss that xenomorph! lol! All in all, good work dood! *brohoof*

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