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Aurora 2

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Follow the story of aurora and misery she creates all around. Find yourself walking in her footsteps. Or meybe it's her following you?


A good continuation, could have been better.

Better in the sense that I was confused the whole first part of the game, thinking I was back in Red Hill town, but after exploring around and talking to people some, I figured out I was somewhere else, its a bit off-putting, but its alright, I eventually figured it out. I think this game should have concentrated on Red Hill Town more, because I feel this is where Aurora is set.

Am I talking to imprisoned Aurora victims, or normal people in both games?

I like how this time around I had more areas to explore unlike the first game, it gave me a sense of adventure, because the areas were diverse, and creative, but it felt more linear than the first game. More linear because I was isolated to a small area, or room, until I solved the problem keeping me there.

It would have been a more challenging experience if you kept the entire map of exploration open, not linear and confined, even after I solved every problem there (or so I think I did), and the puzzle pieces scattered around more diversely over the entire map, the more pieces I would unlock the more I explored and solved in my opinion. The only thing I had any real trouble on figuring out was placing a dollar in the old ladie's pocket, after that it was smooth sailing throughout the entire game until I beat it, because all the pieces to all the puzzles were confined to the small area you were confined to, thus figuring these things out was a no brainer. I suppose using the mystery ink pen the second time, in a totally different area gave me a sense of this diversity, but still the diversity and openness could have been more well used.

I had more of a challenge in the first game, because of the gunpowder bomb in the poster, I would have never thought to use that, I had to refer to the walkthrough. That bomb, combined with the entire map being left open, and finding many puzzle pieces in different areas (even though the map was small), still gave me a greater challenge than this game did, because one puzzle piece I found, could be used entirely somewhere else, I had to think and use my head, when I don't refer to walkthroughs and figure out a challenge, its very satisfying, I experienced that in this game only giving that lady a dollar, a major part of this game needs a sense like that, not just one small part. In the challenge department, this game needs a serious overhaul, combine the openness of the first game, and its scattered puzzle pieces, with the diversity and large map of this game, and you have a recipe for an ambient nostalgic challenging old western mystery.

Gameplay: I didn't experience this bug everyone was complaining about. I enjoy this point and click style very much, simple mechanics make the destination your trying to reach more enjoyable, especially if the puzzle is a challenge, make it more challenging though.

Music: I like how you kept the game's original old west theme music, this particular one is very enjoyable to listen to, I also liked how different areas this time around took a short break from that tune, like in the dank dungeon part, I experienced dank dungeon music, and at the abandoned farm I experienced a sense of abandonment and lonely winds, so lonely you knew the place was abandoned, realism is always great.

Setting: I enjoy this old west style, and the old west clothes, its very interesting how you created a mysterious story set in the 1800's, where this Aurora lady is making people dissapear, I guess its starting to get noticed because Pinkerton agency hired you to investigate, I'm with this story to the very end and I cannot wait to see where I end up in the next chapter.

I'm looking forward to seeing Mary in Norway, if this is where Aurora came from, then Iam looking forward to stopping Aurora, and Iam very curious as to just what she is and why she is making people dissapear, and if she is killing them, or forever imprisoning them somewhere.

Despite my expectations and critiques, this is one of the best point and clicks I have ever played, keep at it.

8/10 Stars.

4/5 Vote Panel.

xVegetAx, NG Portal Lieutenant.

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The same bug

The same bug


I had the same bug as AusGameRager. Using Mozilla.

Possible Bug

Hey mate,

I didn't play this so ignore the 10 stars, I just didn't want to give it an unfair low stars. For some reason when I started the game at it skipped the intro. While I was on the first screen I turned up my volume on my keyboard and I scrolled the screen down with the mouse wheel. All of a sudden the game started flashing through all of the images and skipped to chapter 2. After about 5 seconds it did the same thing to Chpater 3, and so on all the way until the end. Not sure if it had anything to do with the mouse scroll or whatever, but there might be a possible problem there.


i loved the first one, and like when people use countries that is not used so often. and that you added Norway, just made me LOVE this game even more(some partly couse im from norway xD) anyways, i've waited long for this game to come, and the waiting was not in vain! 10/10 and 5/5. love your work, dont quit it ;)

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Oct 5, 2011
1:51 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click