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Colony Defenders TD

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Apprentice 5 Points

Complete the tutorial

Air Commander 10 Points

Kill 50 units using air strikes

Defender 10 Points

Complete a level without taking base damage

Captain 25 Points

Complete the campaign on easy or average difficulty

General 50 Points

Complete the campaign on hard difficulty

Author Comments

Build strong defenses and lead your troops to victory against Kron Corporation's invasion in this action-packed tower defense game

*** Hotkeys ***
B : Barracks
F : Factory
C : Air Command
X : Mine
T : Trooper
G : Grenadier
K : Marksman
E : Elite Trooper
N : Machine Gun Turret
A : Artillery Cannon
R : Grenade Launcher
L : Laser Cannon
M : Missile Launcher
S : Plasma Cannon
D : Disruptor
I : Ion Cannon
1-4 : Air Strikes


Good game.

Never played a TD like this before, I like how you combined towers with infantry.
And people, shut up about Starcraft, that game is pathetic.

Could've called it "Mar Sara Defense"

I'm not saying it's bad as a TD, and I appreciate the blatant Starcraft inspired content. However, like Starcraft 2 has shown us, the Marine (or in this case, the Trooper) can easily win the match in mass quantity. All Troopers will beat the game.

On a more constructive note: The direction you're going with the unit variation is good, but the extremely miniscule differences between the infantry units and even some of the factory units makes it nearly pointless to even build different units. The cost is simply not worth the drawback.

Also, the Air Command is a neat option. The abilities there can decimate armies if placed strategically. However, the only drawback, again, is the price later in the game when you already have your base established, unless you built the Air Command right from the start. But if you do have one, make sure you always have the Mine. ALWAYS HAVE A MINE. The cost of the Air Command abilities per use is what renders this otherwise helpful arsenal a cashsink.

I almost would suggest that making this MORE like Starcraft could improve this game. You'd get more unit utilization if certain buildings were required before other unit options. The tech tree in "Villainous - Tower Attack" is a good example. Keep at it, and this game will definitely improve.

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Too generic

To me it seemed you were trying to remake a SC2 td of some sort...nice try but spice up the game play and then we'll see

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Thats a lot of hot key groups...

This was my first response, then I played the game, hoping it was something like the games alien invasion and alien invasion two on andkon, then I found out is was a tower defense game. Tower defense games are cool, but a little bit over done. Every one does it so the concept was kind of boring. plus when you see infantry and dudes with guns, you usually don't think tower defense... Any ways it was overall something I've seen a million times and would be better if it was different.


This game had so much to get an 8 or more, but it is simply too unpolished to get anywhere.
I'll begin on what actually was done right: one of the few well-executed voice actings on a flash game I can remember of and nicely crafted graphics, very similar to the ones found on early 2000's isometric RTSes.

Pretty much everything else looks unfinished or at least poor when faced with the current standards on TDs.
First the interface, it is a mess:
- Sometimes you'd want to put a unit somewhere and the bunker tab would block out the adjacent spots where you wanted to put an other unit on, so you have to double click to close the tab. If an unit's avatar happens to be right on the mentioned spot, it got even worse.
- Nice, we've got hotkeys to place units. But then you'd have to upgrade 10+ bunkers with 4 units each, 5+, one by one, dealing with the sloppy interface each time.
- There's little information being shown. But I'll go into detail next.

Now gameplaywise:
- Okay. Next wave is 2 grey small cars and 3 big green tanks. What does that mean? Is one of them more vulnerable to some kind of weapon? Or slower? I don't see any of that happening. It's all about the cars' HP, I suppose.
- Same as above, but applied to my own units. Do artillery/grenadiers do splash damage? Do missiles or lasers penetrate more in heavy-armoured targets? Will homing missiles be more accurate than standard weapons? The interface won't tell, but experience shows me it all falls down to those three upgradeable attributes each unit has. That ruins strategic value.
- You can have 4 units per bunker and each level has easily 10+ bunker spots. Again, where's the strategic value? Your basic (i.e. barracks, factory...) strutctures won't even occupy slots. You can just spam your way through the game.
- Again. The lack of profile progression, diversified upgrades, tech trees, passives or whatever makes the game quite poor strategywise. The only trace of something like that in this game is the mining facility. But as pointed out on another review, it was poorly implemented, since it rewards the player for sitting and wathching instead of stacking waves and striving to survive.

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3.82 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2011
1:50 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense