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Colony Defenders TD

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Apprentice 5 Points

Complete the tutorial

Air Commander 10 Points

Kill 50 units using air strikes

Defender 10 Points

Complete a level without taking base damage

Captain 25 Points

Complete the campaign on easy or average difficulty

General 50 Points

Complete the campaign on hard difficulty

Author Comments

Build strong defenses and lead your troops to victory against Kron Corporation's invasion in this action-packed tower defense game

*** Hotkeys ***
B : Barracks
F : Factory
C : Air Command
X : Mine
T : Trooper
G : Grenadier
K : Marksman
E : Elite Trooper
N : Machine Gun Turret
A : Artillery Cannon
R : Grenade Launcher
L : Laser Cannon
M : Missile Launcher
S : Plasma Cannon
D : Disruptor
I : Ion Cannon
1-4 : Air Strikes

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Good presentation, but absolutely lacking in gameplay content.

1- Defenses (either turrets or troops_ have almost no difference between themselves, other than the disruptor. There isn't significant DPS/Range/RoF over price. Also, troops are grossly OP - an easy way to win always is to produce the best soldier en masse and cram bunkers with them and upgrade.

2- Enemies also lack variation. Coupled with #1, makes progression a chore and game gets boring quickly - There is no variety in enemies or defenses, so 0 variety for the game. No swarms, flying, fast, status-immune, armored, bosses... Nothing. Just regular tanks.

3- There is actually a penalty for completion when waves are called in early. No "risk and reward", it's just risk - The player will receive less money from the mine and no bonus for calling in early, so it actually makes it weaker for doing so.

4- Speaking of: Mine is mandatory, there's also no production strategy anywhere: ALWAYS build the mine first.

5- Upgrade system is bogus. Lots of clicks needed, and no hotkey for them either. A "global" upgrade system (that gave particular units special bonuses) would also be nice

Overall, the game has nice graphics, sound, music and voice action, but lacks in almost everything else, which is WAY more important than looks.

It's really nice, but gets boring after a few levels. Once the ruitine kicks in, every level is just more of the same.

Also, I noticed that the enemy does not follow the path of the terrain. Really, what's the point of having a canyon on the map if it doesn't tell you anything about where the hostiles would be coming from?

vary good game! 4.5-5

i love the voice over. WEAPONS ACTIVATED (ECHO) love that!

tho i am forced to play on easy cause its like it is on hard when i play. which is a down on something in the game. -1.5

Good so far, but on some Points the Help Tooltip (Place Unit on green blahblahblah...) is placed over such a green dot, making it impossible to place a Unit there.

Game doesnt load atm .